Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Game

An old name for a dartboard is ‘’BUTT’’. The word comes from French word but. That means Target. Dartboard is usually a circular board used as a target in the game of darts. The Dart Boards are the pieces of equipment that enable us to play the sports of a dart. Playing dart is very easy and healthy. It increases ones accuracy and focus. The actual playing dart needs an excellent dart board that doubles the fun. That is why different types of dart boards are available to buy. There are various types of dartboards are available in the market. The main types are -

  • Electronic Dartboard
  • Bristle Dartboard
  • Magnetic Dartboard
  • Coiled paper Dartboard
  • Wooden Dartboard
  • Cork Dartboard
Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart

Electronic Dartboards are the most popular. Arcade game with a new look and style. It comes in different colors and sizes. Some might come with interactive players and solo players. While some come with adapted included and some with batteries only. But with the best electronic dart boards, the only thing you will have to do is fun.

These are the latest one in the sports club to keep you entertained. Its availability is everywhere. Starting from homes along with clubs, pubs etc. So it might get complicated to choose the perfect one. Arachnid Arcade is a famous dartboard brand name. Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart board features amazing graphics. It has a beautiful background. With a height of 85 inches and weight of 79.8 pounds. It has extra storage space under the cabinet lid. This Dartboard is ideal for who want to upgrade their game room. The 7-foot cabinet set allows gamers to play like pros. While keeping scores for up to eight players. This dartboard is a perfect choice for your family entertainment.

Product Information

  • Brand Name: Arachnid
  • Product Dimensions: 51.8*26.5*5.5 inches
  • Dartboard Target Areas: 15.5 inches
  • Color: Brown
  • Item Weight: 75 pounds
  • Item Height: 85 inches
  • Item Depth: 23 inches
  • Shipping weight: 79.8 pounds
  • Item Model Number: E650FS-BK2
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Warranty: 90 days limited warranty

Arachnid Arcade Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Set Includes

  • Electronic Dart Board
  • Cabinet with installation hardware
  • Six soft-tip darts
  • With extra tips
  • AC Adapter
  • Game Manual
  • Printed operating instructions

Best Features of Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart

This dartboard has all the features you will ever need. The best features are highlighting here.

Board Size:

This is a vital feature of any dartboard. The size of the target surface is important. The 15.5 inches target surfaced dartboards are the most common. Arachnid Cricket Pro 605 is a tournament quality dart board. It has a regulation target area of 15.5 inches.


The displays of the dart boards are an important feature to look for. While buying a dartboard. You have to consider the readability of the display. This Arachnid Arcade has LED display of player game scores and cricket displays.

No bounce out:

Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard has square holes. So the dart tips into the board. Darts don’t bounce out the board. Its nylon tough segments improved durability. And the micro-thin layer segment dividers reduce bounce-out.

Accommodation of players:

Different models have a different number of player accommodation. In this Arachnid Arcade board, up to 8 players can play. If you are looking forward to playing with a group or family. You should consider this feature.

Solo play option:

Arachnid Arcade has a solo play option. That means you get three darts to hit each number. Once you hit the number in a sequence. You move on to the next target. Playing solo around the world is a great way to kill time. And work on unfamiliar parts of the dartboard. It can unmatched accuracy with a responsive sensor.

Sleep mode option:

This dartboard has a sleep mode option. The user can also put it in sleep mode. So after the set time, it turns off.

Volume control:

This dartboard features volume control system. So the user can control the volume as their need.

Storage Cabinet:

This Dartboard has Arcade-style Cabinet with 3 shelves inside. Also, have an extra storage space for darts. The seven-foot-tall cabinet includes storage space below. And a beautiful background for the dartboard.The Wooden texture is made the cabinet too gorgeous. To Fit your wooden cabinet you need to use this tool.

Pros and Cons of Cricket Pro 650 Electronic
Dart Game

Each dartboard may have some pros and cons. Most limitations are reflecting on the customer reviews. I would like to mention few pros and cons here.


  • Durable Dartboard
  • It has plenty of game modes
  • Exceptional play ability
  • Easy to see at a distance
  • LED Light
  • 2 set tri-color cricket displays
  • Up to 8 players can play at a time
  • Dart storage board
  • Sleep mode and reset
  • Volume control system


  • Only 24 games
  • The darts come with the set breaks very soon
  • The cabinet seems very low quality
  • Needs a light from above the dartboard
  • This dartboard is little bit cheap made


Question-1 Does this Arachnid Arcade have a light on the board?
No, there are no built-in lights. But you could install on in the space above the dartboard.

Question-2 Does Arachnid Arcade dartboard have rollers?
No, this dartboard does not have rollers. It is a little too heavy to move. If it had rollers, it would be difficult to remove the darts.

Question-3 what kind of warranty does this dartboard come with?
the Arachnid Arcade Style comes with a limited 90 days warranty.

Question-4 what are the dimensions of this product?
Thank you. The product dimensions are 82 by 26.5 by 12 inches. The weight is 75 pounds.

Question-5 what are the electrical needs of this dartboard?
All you need is a regular outlet to plug it in to.


The most common indoor game is a dart. Anyone love this dart game. And enjoy it with a group of friends and family. The Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart is a high-tech electronic dartboard. You can enjoy hours of fun with family and friends. With this dartboard. It has 24 games with 132 variations. Including 5 cricket games. Up to 8 players can play it at one time. It has also 2 set of tri-color cricket LED displays. The User can control its volume. This is a recommended dartboard for anyone. So you can buy this dartboard. It will be a great addition for your game room. It will provide your family with many hours of entertainment.

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