Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Dart Game

Looking for a kid’s favorite dartboard. The electronic dart boards are harmless to play as those allow soft tips instead of steel tips. So you can choose the electronic dartboard for your kid’s or family darting. As well as soft tips dartboard suitable for adults too to practice or fun playing. The electronic boards come with many built-in features like game variations, multiplayer game options, scoring data and averages, and interactive features. Given this, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip dart game is the perfect choice for you. As an originator of the electronic dart game Arachnid enhanced the growth of this games among younger players with its entertainment value and appeals.

Arachnid Cricket Pro featured 36 games for family fun with 175 variations including 7 cricket games. It has a unique computer voice features which call out a pre-recorded name during the announcement of the next player turn. This 13.5″ target face is suitable for playing by children plus tones of options are the perfect match for any serious players.

The micro-thin segment dividers reduced the bounce out rates tends to zero. Tournament spider in trademarked tournament color provides a clear view to an accurate landing of darts. It has 4 sets of tricolor LED scoreboard which displays 4 players' scores simultaneously. Moreover, the bounce out amends features, solo play features, player handicap features and many more make it's a best electronic dart board in the market.

Overall the Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 is the best choice for advanced players as well as family and kids. To buy one for your man cave or family game room, please click below to check the price.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Dart Game

Features of Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Dart Game

36 Games & 175 Options

The electronic dartboard getting popular over bristle or other dartboards due to its tones of features and built-in gaming options. The Arachnid soft tip dart board allows 8 players to play together with 36 games and 175 scoring options including 7 various cricket games. Some popular built-in games of this boards are 301 – 901, 301 league, GOTCHA, Hi-Score, Count Up, Round the Clock, Bermuda Triangle, Shanghai, All Fives, etc.

13.5″ Target Area

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 maintain regulations size 13.5″ target area which allows tournament playing. The trademarked tournament color red, black and yellow brings a classic look, which only presented on Arachnid 360° dartboard series.

Score Display

The Arachnid dartboard can accommodate total 8 players. Its display 4 Players scores simultaneously. It has 4 sets of tricolor LED. The scrolling display features of this dartboard show an opening greeting, game and option menu and individual dart game scores. LED lights allow you to see the score from throwing line.

Player Prompt to Throw

Among other features, the player prompt is one of the interesting aspects. This feature permits you to record your name by pressing a quick button on the key interface. This registered name will be announced when the next turn is coming. This unique features make the game more alive and create an interactive atmosphere.

Player Handicap Features

During the competition, if a novice player plays against an advanced player, there need some balance or equal playing field to make the tournament worthy. Player Handicap option of Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 provides that facilities for the player mix.

Micro-thin segment dividers

The noticeable features of this dartboard are the sturdy micro-thin segment dividers. The robust nylon segments offer unmatched durability against the years of abuse and allow to maintain shapes over the period. It also increases the scoring potentials by reducing bounce-out. The fewer bounce out will helps to improve the player performance as well. 

Special Features

  • 3 level Volume control system
  • Sleep mode, play on and ranking features
  • Selectable Bullseye
  • The quick select key for cricket, game options, solo play, and handicap

Comparison with Similar Products

Product Name

Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Dart Game

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8 Players








26.5 x 10 x 18 inches

29 x 7 x 22 inches

31 x 23 x 6.8 inches

21 x 2 x 29 inches

30 x 22 x 3 inches


7.4 pounds

11.02 pounds

10.8 pounds

8 pounds

10 pounds

Game Options

26 Games with 170 Variations

24 Games with 132 Variations

35 Games with 318 Variations

36 Games with 175 Variations

40 Games with 179 Variations

Cricket Games






Player Options

8 Players

8 Players

8 Players

8 Players

8 Players


LED Display with 4 Player Cricket Scores

2 Sets of Tri-color Cricket LED Displays

2 Player Jumbo LED X/O Cricket Displays

4-Player Tricolor LED Cricket Display

4-Player Jumbo X/O LED Score Display

Target Area

13.5 in

15.5 in

15.5 in

15.5 in

15.5 in

Solo Play Options

Player Handicap



Av. Customer Review

3.2 out of 4
(42 customers)

3.7 out of 4
(161 customers)

3.4 out of 4
(36 customers)

3.5 out of 4
(87 customers)

3.8 out of 4
(240 customers)


Package Includes

  • 6 pcs Starter Soft Tip Darts (unassembled consist of Tips, Barrels, Shafts, and Flights each 6 pcs)
  • Extra Dart Tips for replacement
  • Power Connector Cable with adapter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Game instruction and Operational manual


  • Nylon-tough segments increase playability and durability
  • Bounce out amend features increase scoring potentials
  • Single in /out and double in /out features
  • Solo play features allow playing player vs. computer with 5 difficulty levels
  • Concave segments help better stuck and reduce miss darts
  • Highly sensitive sensors will give unmatched accuracy
  • The game menu on the front side with code helps to set the game quickly
  • One-year manufacturer warranty against defects


Dead Spots on the target area
Found some dead spots on the target area of the electronic dartboard which increase the bounce-out.


The Arachnid brand name stands for high-quality dart games. So, it is regrettable to found any dead spots on the target face. If you found any dead sports during unboxed or playing the game immediately informed it to the customer care of DMI sports for replacement. For precautions always check the electronic boards’ and accessories thoroughly during unpacking.

High bounce out rate
This is very frustrating to lose a game because of lots of bounce-out.


This is the typical word ‘bounce-out' for every electronic soft tip dartboard in the market. Because less than 1-2% bounce out is usual for every board. But high bounce out rate is not suitable for play. It may happen due to the problem of dartboards or improper throwing techniques. The Arachnid 300 made of sturdy micro-thin segment dividers and nylon tough concave holes which helps to reduce bounce out dramatically. The exact weight dart and proper throwing techniques might be resolved this problem. 


Proper care can increase the life of dartboard. But, do not use any spray cleaner, ammonia, acetone or other harsh chemicals during clean the board, it may cause permanent damage. Regular dusting with a damp cloth is safe to keep it clean.


Q1. The starter darts tips are broken easily and stuck on the board. How can we remove those broken tips?

To remove the broken tips from the board you may use a Tip Removal Tools or pliers. In case of long tips pull out them by using pliers and if shorter tips push those tips through the board and you have to clean them out from the backside by a pin with a smaller diameter.

Q2. Is there any storage facilities for darts and extra tips on the board?

We have not found any organizer for darts and extra tips on the dartboard. It is also not mentioned in the instruction manual about darts storage facilities.

Q3. Does the Arachnid 300 operable by battery power?

No! The Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 is not operable by batter, you have to use power connector for the plug-in which provided along with the box.

Q4. What should we do if the sound system or score not display correctly?

If the devices are not shown any scores or play sounds, then first check the segments that jammed by any darts or not. If found stuck dart then remove it with tools and restart the board. Also, check the buttons are not stuck.

Q5. Is there any volume control system?

Yes! There is 3 level volume control system low, medium and high.

Final Verdict

You found so many types of the electronic dartboard in the market. But if you want to play a lot and keep the board for a long time, you could choose the Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-tip dart game. Because Arachnid name is synonymous with a high-quality electronic dartboard. Arachnid is the inventor of modern electronic dart game too. It is assured that you will get a durable and well-tested board if you buy it from Arachnid. Uses of the delicate electronics in Arachnid device and high abuse chances to occur problems which are insignificant concerning great features. Finally, Arachnid will give you the opportunity to present the best dart game to your kids or family or friends for fun.

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