Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

Inside of each person, there is a hidden sporty mind. But today's busy casuals it is difficult to find out some moment for own to spend by playing a game on the playground. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard will be a great solution for those who love archery. You can easily install it in your business place or game room of the home to play with your family, friends, and colleagues. Arachnid Dartboard consists of 24 games with 132 variations which give you Professional Dart Board experience that you never feel bored. Micro-thin segment dividers with square hole design reduce the bounce out rate. Tournament size 15.5 inches target area makes the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 exciting both for advanced and novice player. The electronic score keeping technology gives you hassle-free playing as you no need to write down the score on white paper.

Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Electronic Dartboard ensures long life with highest durability and play-ability as it is built by Nylon tough segment. You can arrange a dart game League/Competition as it had the facility to play up to 8 persons at a time and 2 sets of tricolor cricket LED display.

To get fun and amusement by staying at your home you chose the market best electronic dartboard from Arachnid. So don’t be late buying one for you and your family today.

To get more on this awesome gaming product please check features below –

Features of Arachnid Cricket Pro 650

Wide Range of Games:

In Arachnid Electronic Dart Board there are 24 games with 132 variations including 301, 501, Gotcha, Shanghai, Ace, Killer, Shootout, Bermuda Triangle and 5 Cricket games. This wide range of gaming option will give you bore free fun time.

Competition Facilities:

If you think to arrange an indoor dart game league or competition you need a regulation size dart board. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 will be your ultimate solution having 15.5 inches target area, accommodate up to 8 players one by one, 4 players display with 2 set tri-color LED which helps clear view from a distance. It also had a highly sensitive sensor means accuracy in scoring provide healthy competition.

Made by Long Lasting Materials:

Arachnids Electronic Dartboard is made of Nylon tough segment, which will give you enhance play ability and durability for a long period. Nylon tough segment dividers help to maintain the shape of holes thus provides accuracy.

Next Player Option:

In electronic control board, there is a switch for Next Player by pressing this you will get an announcement after throwing of each 3 darts. It increases promptness among players during competition.

Handicap Option:

Before start game, there is an option to press handicap button, by which you can get equal competition between novice and professional player.

Classical Look of Dart Board:

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 having Red, Black and Yellow color combination at the target area which brings a traditional classical dartboard impression along with modern technological innovation.

Some Special Features of Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

  • Having an option for Single in/out and double in/out
  • Having an option for solo play
  • Voice announcement system for Next player, Miss, Bounce Out, Winner
  • Volume control button with Hi (high), Nor (Medium), Lo (Low), Off (off) options
  • Auto shut-off system if player not in touch for a certain period and reset option
  • Have storage option for preventing loss of darts

The package includes following items 

  • Soft Tip Dart – 6 nos. (including unassembled shaft barrels – 6 pcs, shaft- 6 pcs, flight – 6 pcs)
  • Extra Dart Tips for replacement
  • AC power adapter – 1 pc
  • Mounting Hardware – 2 pcs
  • Operational manual including game instructions

Comparison with other similar products

Product Name







Av. Customer Review

3.7 out of 4
(161 customers)

3.4 out of 4
(36 customers)

3.5 out of 4
(87 customers)

3.8 out of 4
(240 customers)

3.2 out of 4
(42 customers)

Game Options

24 Games with 132 Variations

35 Games with 318 Variations

36 Games with 175 Variations

40 Games with 179 Variations

26 Games with 170 Variations

Cricket Games






Playing Options

8 Players with 2 Sets of Tricolor Cricket LED Displays

8 players with 2 Jumbo LED X/O cricket displays

8 players with 4-player tricolor LED cricket display

8 Players with 4-Player Jumbo X/O LED Score Display

8 Players with LED display and cricket scores

Target Area

15.5 in

15.5 in

15.5 in

15.5 in

13.5 in



  • Dartboard made with Square hole technology instead of round which help to reduce dart bounce rate.
  • Arachnid 16 grams nice griped darts are manufactured to provide high accuracy to avoid miss throw during play. This is not too heavy or too light to hit the hole accurately. 
  • Automatic scoreboard reduce the hassle of manual record keeping during multiple player options thus gives error free competition environment
  • Cyber play option gives opportunity among players whose are staying in different places with similar Electronic Dart Board
  • Nylon tough thick board prevent your wall from the throw of darts
  • 1 year manufactures warranty

Cons and Solutions

Special Attention during Mount

Solution: Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 required special attention during mounting in the wall as it is little tricky to match tournament quality. Please carefully read the instruction manual before mounting. Arachnid described graphically the exact height of board and position of the main hole.

Difficulties to Remove Dart

Solution: It is recommended by Arachnid to use the same dart supplied with Electronic Dart Board package. In case of stuck of Plastic Tip Dart, you can twist it clockwise to remove easily.

Annoying Sound

Solution: There is a common perception that the sound is acute in spite of pressed low button. Basically, it is designed for playing up to 8 persons at a time. In that case, this sound is not so harder when 5/6 person stays in a single room, watching TV, taking snacks and drinks with some fun talks. But in case of single player if it creates distraction then he/she might off the sound for some moments to get rid-off. 


1. Is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 safer to mount on the wall?

Yes! It is safe as there is two mounting hardware one for the top and another for bottom fix up the Electric Dart Machine firmly with the wall. So it will not create any problem during pull out the dart from the board. However, check the strength of wall before mounting for extra safety precaution.

2. Is it possible to see the score of player after 4 numbers?

It is not possible to see all 8 player scores at a time in cricket display board. But by pressing next player button you can see any score any time of the game.

3. Is there any option to make single Bulls eye instead of double?

No! There is no option for on/off the double bull’s eye in Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 dartboard. You can find this option in 670 and 700 model of Arachnid.

4. Is this Electronic Dartboard suitable for play with steel tip?

No! First of all steel tip is not safe to play in a home if small kids are there. Moreover, it may cause damage to the electronic board as made by rubber/plastic. It is highly recommended to use soft plastic tips for playing in the electrical dart board.

5. Is Arachnid pro 650 suitable for operating in the off-grid area?

Arachnid pro 650 is built for indoor use where there is an availability of electricity. As there is no option for operating it by battery so it is not possible to play in the off-grid area. For users, convenience manufacturer provided an AC adapter with standard wire along with it.

Final Verdict

After the invention of the dartboard in estimated 1896, it passes through lots of modification by the hand of many professional dartboard scientist and gamers. Electronic dartboard invented over last couple decade ago. Due to its simplicity of use, durability, easy installation, this technology becomes popular day by day. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Board is wonderfully fulfilling all the demand of dart game lovers for its regulation (tournament) size, variation in games, easy to observe players and cricket scores on LED display, etc. To get better output just read the instruction manual carefully before start playing. To spend your leisure/ vacations time with more fun and enjoyment grab one without any delay.

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