Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light

Rainbolights offer Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light for you. If you love sports and want to make change your game rhythm – then it can be a good idea. Also, we suggest you the items for kids, teenager or even your parents as a gift item. The specialty in this product, enjoy the home inner or outer a new looks. It works great! I have two 3D illusion Night Lights – for my home indoor basketball hoop. It easy to assemble on the roof, wall. In night mode, open the lamp basketball switch and makes your playroom a more great outlook. I set it in my kid room and evening, lights the room. Want to get your one's color lamp – yes it’s available. Rainbolights offer seven feature of 3D illusion basketball lamp. Among these, I’ve Green and Red ones. All colors made of 3D LED features that make your game joyful. If you think about the outdoor play, then port it in the shipping box and plug with your laptop. You have placed on higher part in ground and fun!

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer By: Rainbolights
  • Product Name: Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light
  • Category: Lighting and Ceiling Fans
  • Styles: Basketball
  • Dimension: 10.4*8*2.2 Inches
  • Weight: 1.08 Pounds
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Batteries: Not Required
  • Best Seller Rank: #914 in Night Lights
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0
Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light


Amazing Gifts: The Basketball comes 3D Illusion type lamp vision that attracts sports fan. It will LOVE by all. In the moonlit night or for night lighting, in dark mode brings a pleasure moment in mind. By rainbow lights, they offer 7 COLOR 3D effect light which never gets warm too much. See through Perspex in the day and doesn’t need much space, so it’s very Flexible.


The 3D is just a visual effect; the lamp itself is a flat piece of acrylic with etched lines that give the appearance of 3D when turned on in the dark.

Smart Button: To color change, use the button to get different outlooks by using 3D color. For each day of the week, month, use electric Power via USB Cable and always remember to plug both. The plug includes in the set, and it’s lighter to add any port like your laptop USB port!

For Sunset Basketball: 3D lights look great bedroom Decor as well as for basketball at sunset time. One of the best sports gift item for players and fan. By Rainbolights, get 5 Sports Lamp which Ideal Nightlight for Toddlers or as a kids Fun. Even BASKETBALL for the bedroom, for Moms and kids good night! It’s something newer for everyone eyes at first view, by its style night lamp, give a pleasure outlooks at indoor or outdoor.

Ideal on A table or Playroom: having to change kid’s room environment? Then it’s an excellent compliment for them. If they love basketball and want to play at indoor, then hang on the roof or door side for having fun. If you're going to give kids party, then don’t forget to arrange the Rainbow Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light. It makes your party amazing.

A Novelty Gift: By purchase the Lamp for Basketball Hoops, it can be an excellent surprise for Birthday Gift for parents. To attend a kid’s party, order the novelty item for your kid’s friend! The Rainbolights night lights create a vision 3D Illusion with the effect getting stronger the darker.

Acrylic Plastic made off: The 3D lights work high in the sunset, all through nights by a series of colored lights. Its move up and move around by wind through a plastic acrylic. It inserts into the plastic base. The Acrylic is laser cut to develop the specific shape, size, and unique design.

Benefits of these LED Night Lights:

  • It does not get hot sooner
  • Low In Energy Consumption
  • Seven feature of LED Colors (Each One)
  • Tap one Button Color Change located on the Base
  • Colors of Designs can be Purchased giving a flexible light for the future
  • The Slime-thru acrylic easy to move and store. 
  • Enjoy great customer service

Good Sides:

  • Perfect for gift wrapping for anyone any ages
  • Ideal for sports fun
  • Besides the game, it works fine as home decor


  • It not recommended under ten years older – for its 3D vision light can affect their eyes
  • The product does not match in shipment with an actual picture.


Question: Is it holographic?
Answer: The acrylic plastic insert into the base unit. It creates a 3D illusion when in the dark.

Question: Can you buy the base unit?
Answer: The Base Unit is not available to buy separately.

Question: Is it suitable for a teenager?
Answer: Maybe a bit juvenile. It would be great if it did have that 3-D effect, but it doesn't really, enough to interest a 17-year-old. It is a plastic piece shaped like a helmet with a clear decal. It doesn't project as it suspended from the base in a projected 3-D image. It nevertheless is pretty cool for a younger kid.

Question: Can you plug into the wall electric board?
Answer: Yes you can. The plastic helmet inserts into a base which gets plugged into an outlet. They're cute night lights

Question: How big is a lamp?
Answer: It's little smaller but works fine as 3D on night mode play.

By the Basketball Lamp 7 Color- 3D Illusion Night Light review, it will bring happiness and offer satisfaction the sports fan and players. The fantastic side of the lamp has, it can set for sports as well as for home decor. No batteries needed, only need an electric connection at home or laptop port for the on-field game. Don’t miss out Rainbolights LED lamp, order it for kid’s gift or family entertainment. It's worthy and brings pleasure moment in mind – Thanks Rainbolights!

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