Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Sport Game Set

Dartboard is usually a circular board. It is using as a target in the game of darts. The Dart Boards are the pieces of equipment. That enable us to play the sports of a dart. It increases ones accuracy and focus. The actual playing dart needs an excellent dart board that doubles the fun. That is why electronic dart boards are available for all to buy.

If you like to spend more happy time with your family. The Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Sport Game is a good solution. This is a fun game unit. There are several brands of dart boards available. Best Choice is a top brand in the market. Which makes the best electronic dart boards. An Electric dartboard is the latest version. The electronic dartboard consists of a playing surface. Which has thousands of tiny holes. The score is recording in an automatic system. When you forget to turn the board off. There is an auto-sleep mode. That shuts the unit off. Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard delivers a quality product. This dartboard has a multiplayer mode. So it is a good choice for the family. Before buying an electronic dartboard you should consider the following issues-

  • Size
  • Display
  • Accommodation of players
  • Versatility
  • Extras
  • Price
Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Sport Game

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 19.2*1*21.2 inches
  • Brand: Best Choice Product
  • Item weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 7.2 pounds
  • Board Target Area: 17.25 inches
  • Cord Length: 73 inches
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 9V 350500mA max
  • Number of Players: 8 players
  • Warranty: 60-days warranty

Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Product Package Includes

The Best Choice comes with everything you need to start the game. They are -

  • Electronic Dartboard
  • 12 darts
  • Built-in storage compartment

Features of Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Sports Game

Each dartboard has its basic characteristics. Which indicates the features of any dartboard. The best features of Best Choice are highlighting here-


This feature is very important. Some electronic boards aren’t made to regulation size. The regulation size of a dartboard is 18 inches in diameter. The target area of Best Choice Dartboard is 17.25 inches. The size is as like the professional one. Perfect board size increases its durability.


Electronic dartboard runs on batteries or often get charged. You can connect them to an AC adapter to power up the device. This Best Choice Dartboard comes with an AC Adapter. You need to plug it on.


You can play a variety of games with dartboards. Many of them do not score a dart that bounces out of the board. There are many boards available that offer fewer bounce-outs. Heavier darts can reduce bouncing. This dartboard comes with the feature.

LCD Display:

This an important feature of any electronic dartboard. Electronic boards have either LED or LCD electronic displays. That shows scores, players and many of other details. The Led display colors are more vibrant. It makes easy to read scores and game details. From the 8-foot throwing distance. In this dartboard, LCD Display keeps track of your team’s cricket score throughout each game. Which allows the user to see a score standing at a distance.

Number of Players:

Different models have a different number of player accommodation. Best choice dartboard set to support up to 8 players. So no one needs to sit on the sideline. If you are looking forward to playing with a group or family. You should consider this feature.

Game Variations:

A real electronic dartboard offer variations in the game. Which provided according to the user skills on most boards. This Best Choice has 27 different games. With 216 unique variations for hours of entertainment.

Sleep Mode Option:

This is one of the best features of any electronic dartboard. This Best Choice dartboard has a sleep mode. That means after 10 minutes without activity it turns off. It is an automatic system. It helps to save energy when the board not in use.


  • Integrated LCD Display
  • It is easy to clean and store
  • Power save mode activates after 10 minutes
  • Hours of fun for the friends and family
  • Good quality product for the price


  • The darts come with the board are very cheap
  • The dartboard doesn’t work well
  • It doesn’t come with the hardware to hang

Question -1 does this include 301 games?
Yes, it has a wide variety of games and variations on each game.

Question -2 Does this dartboard runs on batteries?
Thank you for your inquiry. This dartboard runs on a 9V AC/DC power adapter.

Question -3 how many types of game you are able to play on it?
This item has the capability of playing 27 different games.

Question-4 how many players can play in this dartboard game?
In Best Choice dartboard set 8 players can play at a time.

Electronic dartboards are a revolution in the history of the game. Players no longer need to keep score in hand. With the computer mechanism, you will find that the screen advanced. The electronic dartboards will scroll. It will allow you to put in your personal handicap. If you forget to turn the board off. There is an auto-sleep mode. It shuts the unit off on its own. Electronic dartboard has also come with the extra surface. So that the walls are not affected. They have storage drawers. So the darts are less chance to be lost. For all these reasons together, electronic dartboard have become a common choice. This Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard Sport Game is a great dart system. I love how it keeps score. And it is so fun to use. It works great and closes up. I am very happy with it. So you can buy this dartboard without any hesitation.

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