DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard
Cabinet Set

Are you remember your college days? During Studying College, many of we spend our leisure time either in the dorm room or pubs. The corner of dorms equipped with the dartboard along with other indoor sports. Most of us, take a chance to throw darts to check the aim. The DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set memories of your college days. DMI dartboard is one of the best bristle dartboards in the market. Also, it is appropriate for arranging competitions among your peers.

The DMI Sports Dartboard available in two colors, light cherry and oak finished. The package included a regulation size bristle dartboard inside the cabinet. Also, the doors have two sets of dart holder in it. The dartboard cabinet equipped with the traditional chalkboard in its one side door and finger touch electronic board on another door. You can keep the door closed if you do not want to flash the dartboards.

Are you ready to set one DMI deluxe dartboard at your pubs or home or your college sports corner? Please click below to check the price. We sure about that, by buying one you will enjoy the traditional flavor with modern innovations.

DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

Features of DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet

The DMI dartboard comes with two different types of Cabinet. One is stylish cherry finished cabinet, and other is soft OAK color. The light cherry finish cabinet equipped with a Chalk scoreboard and a finger touched electronic scoreboard on its two doors. You find the OAK finished cabinet decorated with chalk scoreboard on it both side door.If you want to always keep this OAK cabinet as new,this tool should be kept at your fingertips.

Construction of Bristle Board

The DMI Sports dartboard manufactured by sisal fiber, which comes from most exceptional quality Agave Sisalana (scientific name) tree. Sisal fiber protects the board from creating holes by throwing steel tip darts. Thus no need to change the boards for year after year.

Dartboard Surface Area

The DMI deluxe dartboard cabinet included an official size 18 x 1.5 inches target area. Suitable for organizing tournament or league with this.

Easy Door Closing Technology

The door of DMI dartboard is ‘self-closing' technology, made by the brass hinge. It is rust free and long lasting too. You can hide your board to looks good when not in use.

Protection of Wall against dart throwing

The DMI dartboard is 18 inches wide whereas the inner dimension of the cabinet is 20 inches. This extra area around the board protected your wall from the random throwing of darts. 

Comparison of Similar Items


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28 x 24 x 7 inches

18 x 18 x 8 inches

22 x 22 x 2 inches

27 x 21 x 5 inches

18 x 18 x 2 inches


33 pounds

10 pounds

16 pounds

29 pounds

10.8 pounds

Target Area

18 x 1.5 inches

18 x 1.5 inches

18 x 1.5 inches

18 x 1.5 inches

18 x 1.5 inches


sisal fibers

self-healing sisal fibers


Wood Composite

Molded backing


chalkboard and electronic scorer

Scoreboard not included

Traditional Chalk scoreboard on each side

Replaceable Chalkboard on each side

Scoreboard not included



  • The dartboard package included 2 set of darts, ready to play instantly
  • The finger joint cabinet frame brought aesthetic looks and made it stronger
  • The chalk scoreboards in OAK finished cabinet is easy to replace
  • Reduce bounce out by using least staples in the dartboard
  • The Cabinet is re-paintable
  • It can accommodate 6 (six), players
  • One year warranty


The overall performance of the DMI sports dartboard is super. Many customers give it 5 star rank in their reviews. Just a few said that the cabinet is not up to the mark. The Dartboard Cabinet designed by the veneered board instead of solid wood to keep the budget low. Hope it will not deprive you to buy a good value product.


1. Can I play by soft tip dart on this board?

No! The DMI Sports Dartboard is a bristle type, made by sisal fiber and only suitable for steel tip darts.

2. Is the board suitable for hanging outdoor play?

No! The board made of fiber which absorbed moisture from wet weather. For long-lasting, it is better to set at indoor.

3. As electronic dartboard is there any option for built-in games?

No! There is no autosave game option. You have to keep record on chalk scoreboard or electronic scorer manually.

4. Is this DMI board entirely staple free?

No! The DMI bristle dartboard is not wholly stapling free, but to reduce bounce out rate it made with a minimal staple.

5. How many players can play with this board?

6 players can play with the dartboard.

Final Verdict

There are many options in the market for bristle dartboard. This dartboard combines traditional board inside the delightful cabinet. The light cherry or OAK finished Cabinet gives a decent look of your living room. As you consider the veneer board cabinet, then other features are great. The DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set will be your excellent choice within your budget. Buy one today to keep your college memories alive or gift your lovely grandson.

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