Dunnrite PoolSport Pool Basketball

Basketball is a game which can play anywhere – in the ground, indoor or outdoor as well as poolside. If you want to fun with kids and family, then poolside basketball hoop is a great idea. About this concern, we present Dunn Rite made 21st best feature hoop for you. Its Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball – which beneficial you different ways – worth of money, sturdy and bring a pleasure moment at poolside. 8 loop replacement net which ensure weather resistant from all condition. I have used it for two years and still its good one for me. I get instruction for my smart assembling. In the first case, I’ve looked for kids hoop set for the pool. After bringing Dunnrite PoolSport – it's good for my five years daughter. Arranged at the center side of the pond both sides – for joy. Yes, it’s a single piece that offers to sell, if you want to get more fun in a pool game, then order like me 2 set hoops. It’s a complete basketball hoop set – well made, top material used that offer long time durability. How much longevity do you get? Dunnrite provides three years warranty – but it gives more than that. Want to explore with the pool basketball? Give order by reading our short review:

Product Description:

The Dunnrite PoolSport, portable pool basketball hoop, features a color-matched basketball ball, 13.5-inch stainless steel rim which is 36-inch height and a solid made at 31w x 22h-inch poly backboard. The pedestal of this basketball hoop extends the periphery out over the water, so players don't have to get so close to the pool's edge. All hardware is stainless steel.

  • Manufacturer By: Dunn Rite
  • Product Name: Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball
  • Dimension: 37 x 23 x 20 inches
  • Item Weight: 24.3 Pounds
  • Model No: B950 (Stainless)
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 5 Months
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0
Dunnrite PoolSport Pool Basketball

Features Highlights:

  • The base is 17 in wide x 19 in deep x 38 in tall / base weighs 115 lbs when filled with water
  • 13.5-inch vinyl coated stainless steel rim that stands at a fixed height of 36 inches above the deck
  • Comes complete with a mid-size 7 3/4" diameter color matched ball, hardware, net and rim
  • 22" x 31" durable silk screened poly backboard that will hold up in the summer sun
  • All hardware is durable stainless steel. Enjoy three years limited warranty

Good Sides:

  • Good one for money – made of stainless steel which ensures extra durability
  • Easy to install by using instruction.
  • Great addition for poolside basketball hoop joy
  • Perfect for kids entertainment


Too much rust jam the hoop and lost it durability


Question: Would this be good for a salt pool?
Answer: My pool is salt, had this for two seasons starting to see rust around the rim will change it out before next summer, no other issues found yet.

Question: How far the pool over the hoop?
Answer: Its about 6 feet tall, it sits about 3 feet from the base, it not used over the hoop for my pool size.

Question: Does the ball come with the hoop?
Answer: Yes, it includes a ball with the hoop.

Question: Any instruction includes?
Answer: Instructions included. It took 10 minutes to set up and be ready for use.

Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball guaranteed for your career. By ordering, you only get high satisfaction, not disappoint by any issues – it's my experience talk — more than enjoy three years warranty. So get the PoolSport and having fun in the pool with basketball.

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