Electronic Dart Board – Detailed Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Games and sports drive away from our routine daily frustration. Among adults and teenagers, nowadays competitions take apart. Some take it as professional, and some take it as leisure part. To become licensed, the beginners need to grow up skills through practice. By keep exercise, bring goal easier. In leisure sports and game room category, Electronic Dart Board, darts and equipment’s are fantastic! In the machine has two types, electric and non-electric. Electric is best among the models which make more relaxed anyone game mode.

What is the magnetic dart board? How to play? In the USA and European zone, if you ask anyone, there is a large number of teenagers and youth get fun by playing dart board. In the cities, bar or shopping games center, where magnetic dart boards offer for peoples fun In any category of the electronic dart board, it looks attractive, lightening feature made, lightweight for small space storage. The board perfect for hand aiming shots on target. By its electric made, it’s come with plug mode for any electric line set up. From different brands, you get aim darts free inset for your ultimate fun!

In the game zone of bar or shopping center, join single to 8 players up to for having fun. By each dart shots, it's attached on target point and nominate the winners though it looks charming, but not easier as seems. By open the screen board, its move round and round and the players have to find out their aim target points. Keep practice makes the game more accessible and handy!

For your tournament like pro championship goal attaining, here you get our analyzed top 15 electronic dart boards review and based on its feature description. In this review, you get a brief idea about brands quality, feature and play function. So keep eyes in the study and gather information to become tournament pro!

15 Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews

Having bored in daily life jobs? Want to lead your leisure hour with joy? Then grab the electronic dartboard! To become a professional player in this category, you have to well known about product quality, part of function how to work, brands feature and practice mode and others. If you want to reach your objective point, then read our analyzed 15 best electronic dart board –it's helpful to find out your suitable one.

1. Fat Cat Electronix Electronic Dartboard

First of all, introduce you Fat Cat by GLD Products present Fat Cat Electronix Electronic Dartboard review. It’s more than you expect in play! The manufacturer offers 34 exciting games in the dartboard – that’s outstanding. Brings the board to your home party and play in different groups. Yes, you can join in a group up to 8 players and grow up your skill at level 5th! Fun with six colorful darts in 4 sets with the game manual. By plugs in electric line, its screen gets to move around. After games on – make shots on target face to make your goal.

The cabinet of the board makes so sturdier that develops by ABS mode which ensures shots proof. Concave segment holes with thin established spider face zone prevent bounce back shots. By hand shots, the darts attached on board and not hit back to players or get down! LCD front display also offer a folding option –so after play, you can store up anywhere! You can store its anywhere because of its lightweight and standard size. By ordering, ensure AC adapter, mounting hardware, game manual, and one-year warranty card.

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Get four sets of dartboards with contents of 6 extra tips
  • Thermoplastic segments designed
  • 360-degree target face with a landing zone
  • Regulation 13.5” target face area that’s ideal for tournament play
  • Play mode join with computer vs. players
  • Easy access button with 11 lustrous silver buttons
  • Cyber game with skills own level-up to 5 stages
  • Only 12 Pounds weight for smart carry
  • Enjoy one year warranty

The best thing in Fat and Electronic Dartboard has got easy navigate control panel with the manual. To set its fixed standing, mount with hardware that comes in the set — a decent price for everyone's budget. The feature and quality make your profitable investment for a lifetime of joy.

2. Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard

Want to makes your leisure time happier? Or planning a party joy with games? The Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard is perfect for your plan. Yes, we suggest its because Arachnid offers it as tournament mode. Its include 24 games and 132 variations. Among 24, enjoy five cricket games. 

Think in the mid-stage of the party, you announce for dartboard games, your friends come to join! It makes your party a different look. Keep your friends in two groups, each with 4 and total eight players join for play. Colorful target face has tournament trademark made with yellow, red and black. In the screen display, it comes to an LCD light feature, so don’t worry about night mode play – keep your match ongoing. Two sets of Tricolor cricket display attractive for everyone. In below of dart board, get a listing of 24 games menu, where you can play your suitable one.

To enjoy cricket five games –click the button on:

  • Quick Cricket
  • Cricket
  • Cut Throat Cricket
  • Scram Cricket
  • Double Only Cricket

Without these 5, you can also enjoy the rest 19 games mode, where all fives are the best one for me in Arachnid E650ARA. Eleven pounds took small shape place to set, but need to place near the electric line where you can join plug to start the game.

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Nylon tough segment proved
  • 1 Year warranty – only on defects part
  • Improved frustration free bounce outs performance
  • Game instruction with manual
  • Get six soft tips darts
  • Extra dart tips
  • 15.5” target face
  • Four sets of the tri-color LCD
  • Solo play option
  • Dart storage on board

During receive order, must watch on:

  • AC Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Operating Manual

I like the review, then give order Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament Quality and makes your party warming!

3. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard

In the above review of Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament, we introduce you about product features. For product comparison, we present Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard. It’s also manufactured by Arachnid who offers the same functionality as 24 games with 132 variations with six soft tips darts. Micro thins segment that’s decrease fall down darts after hitting on board. Nylon tough segment ensures excellent play-ability and durability. Otherwise, with compare Pro Tournament quality Electronic Dartboard, others feature you get the same. 

Tournament spider trademark also includes in the Pro 650 where to get new version mode – sleep mode feature. In solo motion, the player enjoys handicap feature. What new things do you get in Pro 650 by comparing Pro Tournament Dartboard? Let’s take a tour:

Get in Box:

  • Electric Dart Board
  • Cabinet – install with hardware
  • Six soft tip darts – extra one get free
  • Game manual
  • Operating instruction

Features Looks at Glance: E650FS-BK2

  • Three sleeves additional storage space under the lid
  • Black freestanding cabinet, which arcade style made electric dart board – black arcade-style cabinet with bull shooter graphics
  • 24 games included five cricket games
  • Voice prompts the player with sleep mode
  • Nylon Tough segment improves quality and ensures less bounce back

In the Pro 650, it's quite more substantial then tournament quality dartboard; 75 pounds! It is more significant for an arcade cabinet. But its take once to take place at your suitable position, then don’t need to move again. By Arachnid, enjoy a total of 24 games with your eight friends. Join with your friend in the cyber or party, pick darts and throw on aim points – it’s a game pleasure for everyone!

4. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Among top brands of dartboards, WIN.MAX takes place in players heart. They present amazing features, quality tools that are for tournament pro, family and friends party, spend leisure time at office break.  WIN.MAX recommends it's for Cyber play, but I believe its great idea for a night party. Friends get together, pick darts and fun to shoot on the target face. 360-degree landing zone covers the broad area of your shots.

By opening with plugs in electric line, right LCD gives bright light view – it's crisp, optimum look the scoring points. The fantastic feature you get only in WIN.MAX that first ever get statistics review and eliminate manual score keeping mode. Join in games up to 8 players, find the optimum result from statistics board according to players game scoring. The dartboard has a self-reading control panel which delivers a game report, so keep play without counting manual result, let's do score keeping task to WIN.MAX electronic dartboard.

Concave segments holes come with the ultra-thin spider – its reduce bounce backouts. It’s a standard feature you get in all dartboard products. But the difference here, get the large ring in surrounds which hold the shooting darts in the circles. How amazing it is! Another common thing you get – cabinet for dartboard equip storage, but here you get a little unique formation. Get slots doors to open the enclosure. The council provides you to store 12 darts, 40 points LCD made dartboard set inside after play. Before accepting the shipment – must acknowledge AC power cable, game manual.

Feature Looks at Glance:

  • 27 games mode with 195 scoring zones
  • Five skills levels. The game for eight players. It can play like a team in a group of 4 persons each side
  • Enjoy adjustable sounds volume, 0-7
  • Tap switch to the game on – PLAYER/PAGE button
  • Enjoy with 12 dart boards – each three made of red, green, blue and white colors
  • Get extra 40 soft tips, in total 52 soft darts for point scoring

WIN.MAX is more than a game! It's a fantastic time passing match for everyone. Perfect for cyber, family and friends party. Drives the dartboard content in your home and fun!

5. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat by GLD Products presents the top quality of darts and equipment for your entertainment. In our best magnetic dartboard, Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard – has some unique features. Get extra-large LCD front display, cricket scoreboard with easy reading control panel. Beside you offer two sets of dartboards, one include 4 and rest offer two dartboards. In the magnetic dartboard, you find dual display mode, compact target face which moves your game faster. 25/50 bullseyes option integrated scoreboard entertained on high. By Fate and Cat, including 34 games with 183 scoring points. 

For each points shots, get two sets of darts. Beside include six spare darts, AC adapter, mounting hardware, game manual, and 1-year warranty. ‘’

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Intelligence designed360-degree landing zone
  • Protects wall from miss shots by large ultra-thinner spider board
  • Mercury comes with dart holster with ABS cabinet – for your tools, smart equipment store.
  • Mercury signature extra-large display with advanced control panel – read games scoring self and illuminate the players.
  • 11 buttons for games mode
  • Compute mode five skill levels
  • 13 pounds lightweight for easy carry and store
  • Regulation 13.5” target face area that’s ideal for tournament play
  • get hardware for self-mounting at indoor home
  • enjoy one year warranty

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is amazing feature made which has a large number of fans. It is more comfortable to handle, play and fun together — one thing to common, its quite similar  Fat Cat Electronic Electronic Dartboard. For cyber, home party or job center fun – Fat Cat is unique. 13.5” target face give extra space you to make wonder shots and keep your frustration free from wall damage. Bring decent priced equipment to make your moment glorious.

6. Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard

The dartboard is a type of game set that delivers maximum pleasure in our body and mind. According to the review part, at this stage present Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard. Above the review part, to compare with Fat Cat brands, its better and compatible products. 

Features, quality are quite same made, offer similar features. But has little difference in Viper 800 – it run by battery power. The set includes five voltage made 1000ma adapter that charges auto and offers service faster electric line. By plugs in electrical wire, it operates self and open LCD light that makes the playroom new looks.

Although looks familiar electronic dartboard that’s has 1-20 scoring points. By comparing Fat Cat or Arachnid, where 8players can join in a match. For your big house party or cyber games with friends – Viper 800 offers 16 players play feature. Ye, it's a unique feature ever you find in all brands. For the 16 players, can enjoy 57 games that are different from rest brands and get 429 options.

You may think once, for a great no players shots may bounce back or move out – don’t worry. Viper by GLD Products thermal resin segments which lock self that provide auto lock the darts and keep all into the holes place – if it missed a shot! So, by closing portion, your games become more wonder and less bounce out darts.

In Viper cart, offer two features of products – Bundle and Dartboard only.

Some attractive features for your buying tips:

  • Stylish color scheme – red, silver, black color made
  • Bright LCD delivers transparent score reading mode with statistics; computer made eliminate players and manual scorekeeping feature
  • Tournament quality segment holes that decreases bounce back
  • Includes six soft tip darts for aim shooting on board, comes in 2sets of storage darts
  • Get mounting hardware, external power supply adapter
  • Numerical cricket scoring feature
  • Enjoy one year warranty

To play any one of 57, switch to available buttons and enjoy your part. Extended scoreboard offers multiplayer scorekeeping. One of the good for electronic money dartboard for your game joy – so keep play and fun together.

7. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

If you need variations by comparing with Viper by GLD Products, then Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard is better to serve you. By comparing with Viper and Fate Cat, its offer decent price level. In Viper Neptune get 57 games with 307 options where join players in multiplayer scoreboard side. Yes, 16 players can take part in a match and get update scoreboard to result in through the computer. 15.5” regulation LCD bright scoreboard offer players statistics result, auto eliminates result. 

To prevent bounce out – Viper 42-1023 offer commercial grade nylon segments – where darts stores. The ultra-thin spider divided allow to closer the darts and helpful to earn more score. How to prevent missed shots? Thanks, Viper – they offer a large ring where the missed darts auto store and keep your frustration free storing. To make your game pleasant enjoy two sets of a total of 6 darts. 

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Dimension: 26.5” Height* 58” Width*3.25” depth
  • 57 games with 307 options
  • Offer Spanish cricket scoreboard
  • Wood made a cabinet for storing equipment’s like six soft darts
  • Classic cabinet door style keep cabinet tough and durable
  • Eliminate by computer statistics and manual scorekeeping
  • Players 4-16 options
  • External power adapter 5v by 1000mA
  • One year warranty

In comparison with Viper 800, Fat Cat Dartboards, my opinion, it’s quite less popular but works more fabulous. But it has a large target face which helps to store your missed shots. Also, the price is decent level – so make an experience with Viper 42-1023.

8. Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid- Talking Electronic Dartboard

Have you ever think about talking electronic dartboard?  If you want this, then don’t need to take rounds in the market, we present our analyses best talking dartboard. Yes, we discuss Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid – Talking Electronic Dartboard. Make score and its reply players score through talking module. For your cricket dartboard games – Arachnid is unique. Go menu option and open 301/cricket. Besides this, get 47 games were eight new versions for today’s games lovers.

Like other Arachnid, it’s a similar computer game where four scoreboard offer for eight players options. Its evaluate players score automatic and eliminate players through talking modes. When playing at cyber or night house party with friend and family, its charm all! Eleven pounds make easier to mount – the hardware includes in the set.

The favorite games you can get in Cricket Pro 900:

  • Single in/out
  • double in/out
  • solo play
  • player handicap
  • sleep mode
  • Reset.

Advanced Voice Feature: The magnetic dart board has 3 level heckler – it seems to discourage players from best shots make and bad throws. Announce machine works for each score, statistic change or eliminate time. The game also provides an average point per dart. Keep it for your home party, to make your cyber or coffee shop more attractive.

Attractive Features by Cricket Pro 900:

  • Best dartboard for professional aim level
  • Skills growth
  • Get manual and operating instruction in set
  • One smart touch buttons for 48 games played in a countless mode
  • Micro-thin segments for less bounce out darts

What’s unique in Pro 900?

  • Voice record feature
  • 301/Cricket games our scoreboard for perfect eight players
  • Nylon stringent segment offer durability and playability  - enjoy countless games
  • Six soft dart tips
  • Lightweight at 11.8 pounds

Give order Cricket Pro 900 if your makes your leisure hour more wonderful.

9. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard – is 21st centuries unique dartboard for all ages entertainment. Have you ever think about kids dart toughing! Yes, it's now possible if you have Franklin FS6000 dartboards. Tournament size target face which has 15.5” – it's perfect for kids shooting. Don’t worry about fallen down darts, continue your game with rest darts enjoy the game by six total soft tips darts. Beside enjoy LED bright scoreboard where 90% of brands offer LCD scoreboard. Thanks to Franklin Sports! One hundred variations options enjoy with 28 games function. By plugs in, get ready for fun. Franklin sports wonderfully made it for versatile play – so settle anywhere and fun with kids!

Tournament Dartboard: large LED display offer durability and playability, feel like you play tournament!

28 Games: Besides adults, Franklin Sports offer kids games options, 100 in total get from 28functions.

Smart Mount: Adults need to assemble, based on electric line. Mounting tools attached in the set, join together and ready to play! Dimension: 23.4*18.9*2 inches and 7 pounds make easier to lift the game in hand and mount at your suitable place.

Special Features:

  • Digital dartboard offers countless play
  • Play up to 8 players
  • No battery required
  • Cabinet get for store equipment
  • Great idea for family and kids fun at leisure time
  • Perfect for home, office and coffee shop joy!

Franklin Sports deliver optimum satisfaction through their innovative sports tools – where the digital dartboard is unique. The darts made safe in the condition of kids play, so brings them in the party and motivate to skilled them.

10. Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid is a world-class electronic dartboard service provider from decades. In their cart, you get amazing features of dartboards. Among these Arachnid Cricket Pro 300, Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard is best. It comes under 100 price range. Unique voice recorder includes an inside computer which announces players performance, statistics. Arachnid Pro 300 offers new addition seven games for today generation players. 

Join in 2 groups of 8 players in a match. 13.5” large LED display for a group of fun. During games on, the computer announces by each player’s name and present their scoring update. By plugs in, the display moves and players have to make a score. If missed, don’t worry, micro thin segment creates for darts store? It reduces bounce out and smartly keeps them in a segment holes point.


  • Target area: 13.5 inches
  • Number of players: 8
  • Number of games: 36
  • Options: 170
  • Micro-Thin segments reduce bounce outs
  • Nylon Tough segments improve players games development and keep set durable after years of play
  • Tri-Color LED display has scrolling display – for players welcome by a voice recorder
  • offer a menu to select the games and options
  • Games Mode: Solo – Sleep – Play on – Ranking - handicap

What's in the Box?

Electronic dart board, six soft-tip darts (with extra tips), AC adapter, mounting hardware, game manual, and printed operating instructions

Follow some Points:

  • Not recommended under ten years older
  • Board has some issues, get faulty after the shoot on board, get fragile sooner
  • Has some misconception – feature tells about 26 games and seven new. The manufacturer describes 36 games, but by opening match, players get 33 games.
  • Excellent Voice record, calls by player name and announce through performance
  • LED display scoreboard black color made Pro 300 comes in a reasonable budget – to keep it for family entertainment.

11. Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products presents Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard for your entertainment. It’s fun to play and feel like a refresh. At office break, weekend or night party, it brings a smile on every player face. Get 17 bright light based games which makes your scoreboard a new looks. Invites your family and friends to play Viper Ion – where eight players support the match. Take six darts, test your ultimate target. If missed, those are stored segments. The segment offers strong standing by its heavy duty target stand.

Are you looking for a ton of games? Then order Viper Ion. By keeping the dartboard inside your home or offices, you get 48 games with 315 options. So tons of play options make your party countless play mode. LED display with 17 Light based games lightening your surface and created a new atmosphere. Ultra-thinner spider holes segment enlarge the scoring area. For a beginner or professional, Viper Ion it’s a great choice.

The players find a way to the easy shot path and skills up by keep practice. For smart practice, get manual, instruction, six darts and additional tips. For a beginner, highly recommend Viper 42-003 ion because it comes auto-scoring feature. Ion light system allows playing at day or night any time. LED light forecast area by colorful lights. 15.5 inches target face display makes it easier to shot in free hand, make score 1-20 circle!

Viper Ion Special Looks: 

  • Day and Night mode play feature offer by LED colorful lights
  • Eight players party game feature
  • Get set includes mounting hardware, manual
  • Two fantastic games include in 48 games, Helicopterspinning, and Hidden Cricket Game. The strategy and formula instructed in manual
  • Illuminated dartboard offer lightening segment
  • Find your optimum durability and playability feature.

By reading viper Ion Electronic Dartboard review, it’s helpful to skills up in solo motion but built your rhythm for the pro tournament. Make a new experience with Viper Ion and create your shooting Skil like as it’s colorful.

12. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid is a famous brand of the electronic dartboard service provider where you get ultimate satisfaction only. By Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard, enjoy three months warranty at reasonable worth budget. To make your aim like bull eyes shooter, Pro 450 recommended for you.

Five multi-color backlit LCD offers secure reading score window. Before start, the games, only need to plug in – get ready your set. After opening lights, it makes the atmosphere newer outlooks. Yes, talking about bull's eye feature. In Pro 450 you get large display board at 15.5” sized. So don’t worry about target missing, somewhat it's helpful to keep concentration in your aim points. At the beginning stage in dartboard party games, Cricket Pro 450 is ideal for you.

If you are looking of variation of games options, then grab the dartboard. The manufacturer includes 31 games with 178 options. Eight players can join, and each one can get back in game track. By playing cricket 450 games, there are two scoring windows for each group.

For this, eight players can divide into two groups and play their strategy. The exciting part is, in Pro 450 the games get hecklers feature. It makes the competition more robust and harder by interact players mind! Yes, it seems you play in cyber or party house but feels become in the tournament. By heckler, you get trouble to identify your aim zone – but believe me, it’s fascinating. It’s a great addition brings by Arachnid for toddlers and teenagers.

To play your available games, use six darts from 2 sets. I applied for my family and friends, to make our recreation more joyful, you can try at your home.

13. Arachnid Cricket Pro 670 Tournament-Quality Dartboard

By comparing with the best brands of electronic dartboards, Arachnid stays above the top part. According to our analyses, lets we discuss Arachnid Cricket Pro 670 Tournament-Quality Dartboard. In this product, if you want to compare, it's hard to get any new feature. By comparing with Pro 300, 450, 900 – get the same element of 15.5” target face, micro thin segment holes that prevent bounce out darts. Also, enjoy games together up to 8 players. You may ask – what specialty in Pro 670 that’s we bring it's our best 15 electronic dartboards? Yes, there is a reason to take it to our top 15 reviews. Cricket Pro 670 we recommend them who need to adapt in this section.

To find joy in cricket games function lets play and used Prior 670 six functional games. LED large board free stand after mounting and stand strong enough to hold aim dart shots. Thirty-five games include 318 variations so that a newcomer find a basic rhythm of joy.  

Features Looks At Glance:

  • 4 Player Score Display
  • 2 X/O Cricket Displays
  • LED lights make entire display easy to see at a distance
  • Lower bounce out and keep away frustration
  • Nylon Tough heavy duty material makes it sturdier as quieter the surface
  • Classic red, black and yellow of the target area are trademarked tournament colors

Two parts to the bull’s-eye:

  • The outer bulls-eye – 25 Points
  • The inner bulls-eye – 50 Points

35 Games contain 6 Cricket Games –

  • Cricket
  • No Score Cricket
  • Cut Throat Cricket
  • Killer Cricket
  • English Cricket
  • Low Pitch Cricket

Cricket Pro 670 is a handy electric dartboard for all ages. Only to remember, above three years can come to dart shoot party. Its classic pro tournament made for everyone's entertainment.

14. Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electric Soft Tip Dartboard – comes to give players the full heart of joy. It’s a classic pro dartboard which has excellent features for competition. Includes solo motion and heckler modes – that creates a challenging moment in a players mind. By hecklers, players always become alert to make perfect shots with a dart. By solo motion, the board moves smoothly and encourage to make right shots on slots. 

The best thing in Arachnid 5.0 Electronic has nine beauty colors includes that create a backlit feature. It comes with sizeable scoring cabinet window. To keep your darts and equip into the smart store, the cabinet is handy. Its made of wood and offer two doors from the side that’s easier to open and place in any standard room. Four dedicated X/O scoring display includes for party games.

Like a cyber or night party, play together eight persons and enjoy Arachnid Bullshooter 38 level of competitions. Besides, it contains 167 variations! Lightweight makes it easier to mount and place at your suitable position. The black color made which keep its color sturdier for long times.

To make your hands skill and become bull shooter, get two sets of 6 soft tip darts, where three comes in red colors, and three comes soft tips of black colors darts — more than getting hardware for smart assembling. One of the attractive digital dartboards makes your shooting career pleasant.

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Large Active Score Window comes with X/O display for player competition
  • Power adapter comes nine voltage by 300amp, easily plug in home electric wireline
  • Charming looks board make your moment full of fun

15. Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dartboard

From the beginning part, we discussed our top electronic dartboard. In our 15th review, we bring Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dartboard for you. One of the best handicapping features enables players to give joy. If you like cricket games – then Pro 750 offers seven games in 36. Besides, enjoy eight players in two groups where get four scoring display. Tournament quality dartboard comes for today's generation which offers ultimate playability and durability. What do you get in Pro 750? Let's take a tour in Pro 750 review:

Get in Box:

  • Tournament Pro made Electric Dart Board
  • Micro-Thin Segment dividers
  • Six soft tip darts – extra one get free
  • Game manual
  • Operating instruction

Features Looks at Glance: E750ARA

  • 4 Player Tri-Color LED Cricket Display
  • 36 games included five cricket games
  • 175 Variations
  • Tricolor LED cricket display.
  • Current player indicator.
  • Large scrolling display for a natural selection of game and options menus.
  • LED lights make the entire display easy to see at a distance.
  • Nylon Tough segment improves quality and ensures less bounce back
  • Up to 8 players
  • Single in/out, Double in/out features
  • Bounce-out amend features
  • Play on and ranking features
  • Solo play feature
  • Volume control
  • Sleep mode and reset feature
  • Dart storage on board
  • One year warranty against defects

In the Pro 750, it's a great tournament quality dartboard; only 13 pounds! By Arachnid, enjoy a total of 36 games with eight players. Beside get 175 variations to play in large target display at 15.5”. Join with your friend in the cyber or party, pick darts and throw on aim points – it’s a game pleasure for everyone!


In summary, from the beginning to end, you get a summary of best 15 electronic dartboard review. By the reviews on 15 brands, you can pick your ideal one. Here discussed electronic dartboard on Arachnid, Viper, Fat Cat GLD products and many more. For your entertainment or group fun, at the office or home – electronic dartboard is a great idea to spend time. more than who aim to reach their ultimate tournament goal – our top 15 reviews show the path to pick their goal. So read our reviews and make your choice. 

Things to consider before buying a Dart Board

Dart Board is a high sports equipment for everyone’s joy. If its add electronic version, that brings a pleasant moment in the game. Several brands offer the best electronic dartboard for youth service. But not all have the same feature, not as suitable for all.

There is two category of users of electronic dartboard –

  1. The user of entertainment and 
  2. The user of Professional purpose.

This thing has to consider before buying your ultimate dartboard. Like category, need to forecast on some issues, which useful and perfect for your service. In this concern, we present buying guide according to feature and users pattern:

Guide to Electronic Dartboards:

Dartboard Regulations

What do you understand about dartboard regulation? If you are new in this sports field, then first to well known about a dartboard regulation. The provision for an electronic dartboard measure by board target face. The larger its size gives more comfort to make players aim shot on the target zone. By an electronic dartboard, which operates by electric wire line by standard voltage power supply. After plugs on and turn on the switch, the board moves around and make a challenging moment for the shooter. In generally all dartboard has the same feature of target zone; from 1-20. The area designed by different colors that more accessible to viewed shooters. It’s an essential tip about dartboard pattern. Now comes what subject need to focus before buying your ultimate dartboard:


First of all we recommend you to focus on board material. Yes, it’s an essential part of bull’s eye shooting. It can offer you the best feature, high durability, and playability. Almost all brand create their board by plastic and steel made. That’s not an issue; the focus point is – measure its divider segment where your missed shots can smartly store. Beside board, looks on dart quality. By top brands, you get extra soft tips darts with several darts. Measure the darts tough enough for bulls shoot on the zone.

Target Face:

Most crucial point in dartboard has – target face. Its an essential part of dartboard regulation is – target face. In general, all brands provide 10-16 inches target face. Like Fat Cat, Viper, Arachnid and other brands offer 13.5” to 15.5” sizes. And the height us about 5 to 8 feet sizes. For your bullseye shooting, stand in front of the board at 7-10 feet distance. The darts come in a set that has 2 to 3 inches sizes and needs to throw at same at 7-10 feet distance.  For an adult, 8 feet and the teenager has 7 feet is the perfect range of shooting. If your target face is more extensive at 13.5 to 15.5 inches sizes – its best wishes for comfort shoot from 7 to 10 feet any range. For beginners, we recommend 15.5 inches target regulation – for that’s Arachnid dartboards is perfect. Large extended size board is more comfortable to view and shoot at your aim point.

Bounce Out:

To avoid miss shots and keep safe your wall, then buy a bounce outs segments dartboards. By a spread, dartboard can make it easier to attach darts – but in some cases, some shots can missed. In that case, we recommend you to buy a frustration-free bounce outs segment dartboard.

VIDEO: How to Play Darts : Dartboard Rules

How to throw like a pro: darts tips

Features of Electronic Dartboards

Before buying our best products, we rely on features and quality. Like other products purchasing pattern, we recommend reading through the features that match your gameplay mode. By this review, you get 15 best dartboards tips where functions shortly described. Here we present tips of features that help to find out your best dartboard:

Games and Variation:

You pick electronic dartboards to enjoy your moment. Yes, that’s why sports for our entertainment play and take part in the tournament to entertain others. So, first of all, we focus on games and variations part; most include function games give us joy. Like Arachnid, Fat Cat GLD Products – get top features games and variety. By Arachnid, you enjoy top cricket games, at 5 to 7 categories’.  Besides these, they offer 24 to 40 plus games with hundred plus variation. Higher the games function brings extra excitement in play.

Products Quality:

You have to measure products quality by reading manufacturer review and customer review.  It gives the right suggestion either pick it or not. What condition that you look?

  • Target Face: A dartboard target face has in regulation in 13.5 to 15.5 inches. The spread board offers you joy to shoot and find your aim.
  • Soft Tip Darts: Dartboard shooting games is a fun game for all ages. For family and part house entertainment, pick darts which brands offer soft tips
  • Mounting Hardware: To set a fixed zone at home office or cyber, receive mounting hardware before accepting the order. In general, top brands like Arachnid, Viper, etc. offer mounting tools, need to join parts and plugs on the switch
  • Material: The dartboard and cabinet which made in wooden, those are more durable and provide extra playability. The plastic case is also good, but get holes sooner and not keep its best format.

Customer rating:

Another good option to review a dartboard by observing customer review. You can analyze the rating report. From the present users, you get a feedback idea which helps to reach your suitable products.

Price Range:

Budget is always a key factor before buying a product. Like in dartboard, besides features and quality factor, also focus on price range. Arachnid, Fat Car, Viper, etc. brands come in standard price zone with top features. If you look low budget tool, you may miss out the best quality. To looks out game set match dartboard – have to manage a budget. But it’s not expensive at all, comes in a reasonable range which offers great pleasure.


Electronic dartboard brands attract users not only features but also warranty issue. Most of the brands offer you a one year warranty on defective parts. So by investing a standard amount, you get feedback output from the manufacturer and makes your sports career full of joy.

Electronic Dart Board vs. Traditional

The dartboard sports is a traditional events overs years. In past decades, players used traditional boards which set in a fixed place and have to make aim shoot on the target zone. By change of years, we have advanced technology and brings development in every sector. Now, we have electronic dartboard which operates in electric wireline. In comparison between electronic vs. traditional, both are equally best. But which one you use? It depends on your age, play pattern and types of play condition.

Traditional Dartboard:

It's fixed in a position, stand on table or tool where players have to make a score. It's familiar for all, easy to play. Most of the cultural program, function – where traditional dartboard seems in a number. The boards made of wood or plastic has fixed display and single game and variation. You don’t get extra feature games. Pick darts and shoot on the zone, that’s a genuine mode for all ages joy.

  • All ages can participate, three years to any age
  • Single games mode, only shoot on the target face
  • The board can work larger vs. electronic
  • Lightweight, easy to store anywhere
  • Made of wood, plastic material, quite sturdy
  • Play at anywhere, good set for the pub, cultural function entertainment
  • Like automatic, users get a cabinet for storing the equipment
  • Warranty features not available
  • No electric bills occur, not expensive
  • Now today’s generation, fewer numbers play the traditional dartboard
  • Price Range: From 25 to 300 ranges

Electronic Dartboard:

If you analyze an electronic dartboard review from the present generation, then 90% of teenagers tell about it. Why not! An electronic dartboard gives you such fun and pleasant moment which absent in traditional ones. It’s true! Today’s smart youth generation looks toward the challenge, heckling feature which brings extra energy and joy in games. More then, today's pro tournament events use electronic dartboard – so become a professional, the dartboard is obvious to build skill. What comes in electronic dartboard and difference between traditional?

  • The board moves through the electric line, its create a challenging moment in player mind and heckles them to make the right shot
  • Heckler feature gives ultimate joy in the game
  • Soft tips dart only available in the feature
  • This type of board comparably more sturdy, durable dense
  • Offer spider holes for missed shots store into the segment.
  • Remove frustration free by storing missed darts into holes
  • Get designed cabinet with integrated doors.
  • Under three years are not recommend to play
  • Get one year warranty
  • Price range: 50 to 300 varieties.

By compare the two distinguished between traditional vs. electronic dartboard – you get a brief idea. It helps to find out your best dartboard. According to the buying guide, here tips are presented through essential facts. The issues need to consider before buying your best dartboard. In short,of saying, regulation size is ideal if you choose 15.5”. With compare traditional, electronic is our advice to buy. And don’t follow to readout the features part – best of luck for your shooting glory.

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