Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

There are many favorite bar games in America. Among those, some are entirely suitable for play at home, but some are expensive to translate for home use. If you try to set up a bowling lane in your basement, chances to get bang sound while throwing a ball on the track. Skee-ball, Bocce, Vintage Pinball, Pool, Shuffleboard, foosball are some favorite bar games, but expensive and difficult to set up at home. Amongst other indoor sports, Dartboard is the most popular game and easy to install at home. When you select a dartboard for your home, you must prioritize the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip with Cabinet. As you get almost all features within your budget on this electronic dartboard.

Begin your dart game with classic Fat Cat Mercury featuring 34 games and 183 scoring options. It has 13.5″ regulations size target face surrounding with large miss dart catch ring. The built-in ABS cabinet comes with dart holders and decent looking both in closed and open door condition. The target face constructed by precision engineered concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider helps to reduce bounce out tremendously.

The stylish color scheme red and blue on bright white ensure perfect landing of your dart always. You can see four players score on front LCD as well as mega LCD on the door will show you cricket scores with a clear vision from throwing line. It also equipped with simple gameplay interface and accommodates up to eight players.

You will get almost all features available in modern electronic dartboards available in the market on the Fat Cat Mercury with a stylish cabinet. If you are not satisfied with above information, you may further read the following details features or to buy you can check the price on Amazon. 

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Features of Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

34 Games and 183 Scoring options

34 games will provide hours of entertainment with 183 scoring options including favorite games like 301-901, Five Crickets games with standard and no score options, Count Up, Hi-Score, Round the Clock, Killer, Shanghai, all Fives, etc.

13.5″ Target Face

The regulations size 13.5″ target face dartboard will facilitate you to play a tournament against an opponent and feel the joy of winning. A large miss dart catch ring surrounds by this dartboard protect your wall from creating holes by errant throws of darts.

Sturdy ABS Cabinet

The dartboard comes with a lucrative built-in cabinet made of ABS/Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate made the dartboard light weight, high heat resistance and high tolerance to a harsh environment. The Cabinet has a giant scoreboard, you no need to worry about inaccurate scorekeeping. The built-in dart holster store up to 4 sets total 12 darts and protect your valuable darts from loosening.

Av. Scoring for ‘01’ and Cricket

During the playing of your favorite games like 01 or cricket, you no more need to calculate average scores manually. The scoreboard will keep the record of your average scores of per dart or per round, you can quickly find your improvement on display.

Simple Game Play Interface

The board has simple eleven key game play interface. You can quickly start a game, change to next player, handicap, eliminate miss/double dart scores, select games & options, quick cricket, language, volume and more by pressing shortcut keys.

Comparison with Similar Items

Product Name











20.2 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches

20.2 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches

17.2 x 16 x 6.5 inches

1 x 16.4 x 17.1 inches


10.25 pounds

12 pounds

2.4 pounds

2 pounds

Game & Options

34 games & 183 options

38 games & 167 options

18 games & 114 options

18 games & 96 options







LCD front and side display panel

Large LCD display panel

LCD with Cricket

Automatic LED with Cricket

Cyber Play


Target face






Sturdy ABS cabinet

Sturdy ABS cabinet



Construction Materials

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Built-in dart Storage

12 darts

12 darts

6 darts

6 darts

Power Options

AC adapter

AC adapter

2 AA batteries

2 AA batteries



  • The thermal resin segment ensure durability and playability
  • Cyber play options with 5 difficulty levels
  • Accommodate up to 8 players
  • Easy to read control panel equipped with front LCD and massive side LCD cricket scoreboard
  • Single in/out, double in/out and double bull options
  • Electronic voice announce system announce the number, next player or winner
  • Indicator lights on scoring display player get notice where they stand
  • Plug-in system with power connector no need to purchase batteries
  • Easy to install
  • One-year warranty 

Package Includes

  • Black Color Cabinet
  • 6 pcs starter soft tip darts
  • 6 spare tips 
  • Mounting hardware
  • Game manual
  • External power supply adapter


The Cabinet doors do not close properly
Solution: This is very unfortunate that the doors not closed properly. Please read the instruction manual before setting side doors to fix it properly. If still exist the problem, then contact with customer care service for further actions.

No storage for spare dart tips
Solution: This is true that there are no arrangements for store extra soft tips in the door or cabinet. We recommend to the manufacturer on behalf of you to create some option for store tips in next update version.

Starter darts need to replace sooner
Solution: Apparently darts not always last long, as it depends on throwing style and pressure. The darts are not costly enough, so you may easily replace those with some better alternatives. 


Q1. What is the weigh and dimension of the dartboard?

The weight of dartboard is 10.25 pounds, and closed dimension is the 20.2″ width, 24.8″ height, and 1.5″ depth.

Q2. Is the cabinet made of wood?

The cabinet made of ABS/Polycarbonate

Q3. How many darts can store in the holster?

2 sets 6 in each darts can store in the holster.

Q4. What is the dia. of target facet?

The diameter of target face is 13.5 inch, but it surrounds by large miss dart catch ring. The approximate width of the board is 17 inches.

Q5. Does it have Minnesota and Spanish Cricket?

It had 34 games including 5 cricket, but there is no Minnesota and Spanish cricket in that list.

Final Verdict

Have you worked a long time with a computer? Then you need a 5 minutes break after a specific time. If you hang a dartboard either at your office or home (in case of working at home) you will enjoy a significant 5 minutes break with it. It will be an excellent physical exercise when you stand up and use your elbow and focus your mind on throwing the darts. So if you want some options to play dart at home, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with cabinet will be the best. Overall you get a useful game instrument within your budget. So grab one by today for you or your family or friends.

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