Fat Cat Rigel 13'' Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Almost all pubs in America furnished with a dartboard. Dart lovers visit those pubs regular interval, take beer and enjoying dart games. However, in pubs, there are one or most two dartboards exist for playing. In pubs, gather so many people for play dart game by a single dartboard, sometimes it covered by rowdy people. So it taken a long time to came your turns for play as well as it smashes your jovial mood. The FAT CAT Rigel 13″ Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard will be the best solution for all these problems.

The Fat Cat Rigel is the best dart board to set at your man cave. It occupied less space as the target face is 13'' only. You can enjoy playing with your family or friends as it has eight-player score keeping capacity. The bright LED with XO cricket display provides you a clear vision of scoreboards. You get all favorite dartboard games on this board as it contains 35 games and 229 variations. Moreover, you get three Old Glory and three Union Jack darts free with this board.

The Fat Cat Rigel is a perfect choice for your family bonding. You get it with half of the price compare to other available boards in the market. If the features matched with your expectations, then set up your mind and check the price below.

Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Features of Fat Cat Rigel 13''


If you are a beginner or you think to buy a dartboard for your children with low price, then Fat Cat Rigel is the best option. You get almost all features available on the electronic boards available in the market by spending half. However, do not mix affordable with cheap, but the quality of Fat Cat is not cheap enough.

Plenty of Game & Options to Play

The Fat Cat Rigel has quick game start options, and you can play game promptly. This dart game loaded with 30 different fun games with 299 scoring options. You also get all favorite games in it like 01, 301, Cricket, Bullseye, etc.

Family fun for multiplayer options

The Fat Cat Rigel dartboard accommodates up to 8 players. Spread the joy among all members as no need to sit anybody on the sideline. Also, it comes with six soft tip darts which is safe for the child and ready to play. In case of broken dart tip, you can replace immediately as the package includes 30 extra tips.

Durable body construction and large catch ring

The Fat Cat Rigel dartboard constructed of durable thermal resin, ensure long life. Large miss dart catch ring protects your wall from creating slum from errant darts.

Operated by Adapter

This dartboard is connectable by an AC adapter supplied along with it. You no need to tense about battery power run off problem during the middle of the game. Also no need to worry about to change battery frequently. The Fat Cat dartboard has auto power save option also.

Compare with Similar Items

Product Name

Fat Cat Rigel 13" Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard









Game & Options

35 games & 299 options

18 games & 114 options

34 games & 183 options

38 games & 167 options







LED with XO cricket

LCD with Cricket

LCD with Cricket

LCD with Cricket

Cyber Play

Target face








Sturdy ABS cabinet

Sturdy ABS cabinet

Construction Materials

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Thermal Resin

Power Options

AC adapter

2 AA batteries

AC adapter

AC adapter


Check on Amazon

Check on Amazon


  • 13'' target area save your wall space
  • Tournament spider reduce bounce out
  • 25/50 bulls-eye options
  • Auto shut off system active after 30 minutes of no use
  • Handicap player options
  • Play against computer options
  • Simple eight key interface
  • GLD products offer a viper throwing line and a dart mat (optional)
  • Quick game start options
  • Package includes six free darts, 30 extra tips, adapter and a game manual
  • One year limited warranty

Cons with Solutions

The supplied darts are cheap quality

Solutions: The free darts help you to start your game immediate after unpacking. However, you can replace those with better alternatives. During replacement keep in mind that the tip length should not more than 1'' and weight not more than 18 grams.

The board is not in full-size

Solution: As it designed for home use especially for kids, so keep the size little small. However, you can choose another model of GLD product from Amazon if you wish to buy regulation size board.


Q1. Is there any Reaction time between two shots?

Yes! If two shots are too close, then the chance of missing record of one shoot is high. The reaction time required between two throws for workout electrical and Mechanical functions. In this case, you can pull out the second dart and throw again by give some pause.

Q2. Is the dartboard stylish in color?

Yes! Bold red and vivid blue on bright white color makes it stylish looking. You can aim the darts at the target quickly due to its high visibility.

Q3. Is this operable by the battery?

No! It is not operable by the battery. You have to use supplied adapter or precisely same to connect it.

Q4. Are the darts bounce out frequently?

The dartboard made by tournament spider segment, which reduced bounce out significantly. As per customers reviews, the bounce out rate is not more than 1 or 2%.

Q5. Is it necessary to disconnect adapter before cleaning the board?

Yes! It recommended that while cleaning the dartboard, you must disconnect the power adapter to avoid any unexpected situation.

Final Verdict

Everyone has a desire to add a dartboard in their game room collections. Playing dart is always brings immense pleasure to professional players or an enthusiast. By setting a dartboard at your home, you enjoy the freedom of play whenever you want and how long you want to play. In spite of some minor shortfall the Fat Cat Rigel 13'' Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard has fulfilled all expectations. It delivered almost all features having on the other electronic boards at the affordable price. Do not think twice, buy one today for you and your family bonding.

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