Franklin Sports FS 3000 Electronic Dartboard

We have the best option to makes your child smiling in his or her birthday or Christmas day. Buy Franklin Sports FS 3000 Electronic Dartboard for them as a gift. This is also equally suitable for adult dart gamer to play at home. You instantly played Franklin Electronic Dartboard as it packed with 6 pcs soft dart set. Voice and sound effects will add more fun to children who reached 6 - 8 years or more. To engage your time this electronic dartboard has 29 games with 90 different variations. The wall mounts electronic dart board cabinet, and built-in dart holder features make it attractive. Franklin FS 3000 having digital play options, which makes it fascinating among consumers.

franklin dart board

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Dartboard size and Display 

Franklin Sports FS 3000 is a soft tip 13.5 inches electronic dartboard. It has large LCD for observing scores from a distance.

Computer play option

This electronic dartboard has a built-in digital play button. By which you can play with the computer in five different skill level. To activate this feature, first, you have to press the Digital Play Button, then select challengers skill level by double pressing the Digital Play Button. This feature is applicable for single player only. After consecutive three throwing by the human, computer opponent will start his/her play automatically and vice versa.    

Team play option

Team play option gives you the opportunity to play between two teams. On each side, four players can play. By pressing ‘player' button, you have to select -‘t’ on the LCD screen. You have to combine all four player score to get team score during team play option.

Game variations

These electronic dartboard games bear 29 games with 90 varieties including popular options like 01, cricket, round the clock, double down, all fives, count up, Shanghai, hi-score, etc.

Power conservation technology

The electronic dart board will automatically be suspended if not in use 3 minutes to save power consumption's. During this, you no need to worry about your previous playing scores. You can see earlier scores after resuming the play by pressing any button.

Comparison with similar dart games

Dart Board name

Franklin Sports FS 1500 

Franklin Sports FS 3000 

Franklin Sports FS 6000 

Bullshooter by Arachnid 

Model No.





Board Size

13.5 in.

13.5 in.

15.5 in.

Game and Options

65 options

29 game & 90 options

28 game & 160 options

21 game & 65 options

Player Option

8 Players

8 Players

8 Players

8 Players

Voice and Sound effect


Pack Dimension

17.9 x 15.9 x 1 inches

17.2 x 16.7 x 2 inches

23.4 x 18.9 x 2 inches

18.5 x 17.5 x 2 inches

Pack weight

2.3 lb.

3.2 lb.

6.5 lb.

2.2 lb.

Power System

3 AAA battery

3 AAA battery

Power Adapter (Included)

4 AAA battery



  • Sleep mood automatically on after 3 min. if in-activeness
  • Memory will preserve in case of sudden shutoff or sleep mode
  • Have Double Button, upon activation of this button you played double in/out, master out options for ‘01’ game
  • During play with the computer by pressing Miss button you can register score if the dart lands outside the board 
  • 3 point mounting and wall cabinet gives it extra safety
  • The manufacturer provided 6 pcs soft tip darts with 6 nos. bonus replacement tips for instant playing

Cons with solution

Bounce out rate is more

Solution: Using of appropriate dart will help to overcome this problem. If played by children, mounting the board a foot lower than the standard height will work better.

Construction material is not much durable

Solution: You can buy Franklin FS 3000 Electronic Dartboard at a very reasonable price. The durability of the construction materials well matched with its price. Moreover, by spending little extra, you may select a higher category of Franklin dartboards for better options. 


1. Is there any plugin system to connect directly with electricity?

Answer: Yes! You can run Franklin Dartboard by electricity, but you have to purchase an AC adapter from the market. Also, it is operable with 3 AAA battery.

2 Is this easy to carry during vacations?

Answer: Yes! It is compact in design (overall dimension 17.2 x 16.7 x 2 inches) and low weight 3.2 lb. You can easily carry it. Moreover, it is operable by 3 AAA alkaline battery. So you can operate it anywhere as electricity not required.

3. What is the recommended weight of dart? Can I use metal tip?

Answer: The recommended weight of soft tip dart is 10 gram, but not use more than 18 gram. No! Using the metal tip will cause severe damage to the board and will not get any warranty coverage.


It's tough to get so many features in a single product at cheap Franklin Sports FS 3000 Electric Dartboard bring this opportunity in front of us. To keep your family member or children busy with fun and joy you can easily choose it.

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