Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

An old name for a dartboard is ‘’BUTT’’. The word comes from French word but. That means Target. Dartboard is usually a circular board used as a target in the game of darts. The Dart Boards are the pieces of equipment that enable us to play the sports of a dart. Playing dart is very easy and healthy. It increases ones accuracy and focus. The actual playing dart needs an excellent dart board that doubles the fun. That is why electronic dart boards are available for all to buy. There are various types of dartboards-

  • Electronic Dartboard
  • Bristle Dartboard
  • Magnetic Dartboard
  • Coiled paper Dartboard
  • Wooden Dartboard
  • Cork Dartboard

Electric dartboard is most popular. Various brands electric dartboards are available in the market. Franklin Sports is a well-known brand. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard has 15.5 inches tournament sized playfield ensures competitive and authentic gameplay. This set is a perfect and fun addition to your family. You can choose from over 28 games with up to 176 variations. The large LCD display keeps score for up to 8 players. The set includes 6 soft-tip darts with 6 replaceable tips. So you always have extra on hand. It is a perfect dartboard is for recreation and competitive play.

Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

Product Information of Franklin Electronic Dartboard

  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Dartboard Style: Traditional
  • Dartboard Target Areas: 15.5 inches
  • Features: Electronic scoring
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dart tips material: Plastic
  • Age Range: 8 years and up
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimension: 23.4*18.9*2 inches
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Surface Material: PVC
  • Frame Material: PVC
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Item Model Number: 3648
  • Country of origin: China
  • Warranty: 90 days manufacturer warranty

Franklin Dartboard Includes

  • Dartboard
  • 6 soft tip darts
  • 6 replacement tips
  • Wall power adapter

Product Description

The Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard has 15.5 inches tournament sized playing area. Having an official cricket scoreboard. Easy hanging system. It takes few seconds to mount the board. The game list displayed on front panel. It is well designed in dart holder. It comes ready to play with 6 soft tip darts. With 6 more replacement tips. A power adapter is including in this set.

Best Features of Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

The Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard is a combination of so many good features. Here the best features are highlighting:

Large Target Areas:

This is a basic feature of any dartboard. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard has tournament sized playing area. So it is durable in size. Its total surface area is 15.5 inches. Which is like to professional ones. The accurate size of the board is 18.5 inches width and 23 inches long. Large playfield ensures competitive and authentic gameplay.

Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic cricket scoreboard

LCD Display:

This dartboard has large LCD Display. The Franklin Sports FS6000 has its full game list displayed right on the front of the board. Which should motivate you to try out some new ones . It will display the scores crystal clear. Your results are displaying in the front. Because of the electronic scoreboard.

Extra Dart Tips:

This product is comes with six tip darts. The tip darts are plastic made. Which are two different colors. It also comes with extra six replacement soft tips.

Easy Mounting:

One of the best feature of this dartboard is easy hanging. Franklin Sports FS Electric Dartboard has an easy mounting system. Comes with instructions for height and length. For the exact measurement. The dart holders placed in right position. It is very easy to mount. You can mount this dartboard within in seconds. So that you can get it up and start playing.

Lots of game option:

This dartboard itself is good. A lot of games to choose from. This dartboard comes with an official cricket electronic scoreboard. That features scoring up to 176 game variations. Its full game list displayed right on the front of the board. So it is a great fun for the family.


  • Uniquely-placed dart holders
  • Good quality tool for the money
  • Great for family game night
  • Very little bounce out
  • Ideal for home or business
  • Easy hanging system
  • Comes with a power adapter
  • Features up to 176 variations to the game of dart


  • This board quality is very poor
  • It breaks very soon
  • Plastic tip darts still can puncture drywall
  • It is quite hard to read the green score line


Question - 1 how many players can play in this dartboard?
in this dartboard, 8 players can play.

Question - 2 does this dartboard have an option of either batteries or adapter?
it has only power adapter option.

Question-3 what is the size going into the existing cabinet?
the accurate size is 18.5 inches width and 23 inches long.

Question- 4 what replacement tips are compatible with this dartboard?
any types of tips are compatible.

Question- 5 Does this dartboard need an electrical outlet to plug into?
this dartboard comes with an adapter.


If you have a handful of younger kids in your house. Or you are smart enough to recognize that sharp objects. You need not mix well with typical fraternity house and pub activities. You should consider one of these electronic dartboards. They offer all the fun of a regular board. But the tipped darts are plastic. So the darts are safe for children and the intoxicated alike. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard board will do all math for you. I would like to recommend passing on this board for something better. You get what you pay for. The price is good. And there are a ton of different games to play. This dartboard also has sounds and electronic scoring. And this dartboard is no exception. So you can buy this dartboard. It will bring so much fun for your family.

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