Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard with Dart

Reeves your heart with the sound of Harley-Davidson. If you hit the bullseye or shoot the game-winning dart, you heard the roar of the Harley-Davidson engine. You can find this fantastic features only on the Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard with Dart. H-D is the best electronic dartboard in the market have the most popular games played today. This dartboard is ideal both for the beginner and professionals’ player and set itself apart from the ordinary one by a first bullseye.

You can play dart for fun, but it is challenging to become a master in the dartboard. The electronic dartboard will explore more and more options in front of you to take that challenge. The vast gaming options will open up more possibilities and enjoyment during play. Harley-Davidson dartboard facilitates to play up to 8 players, and you can play 48 games including favorite ‘01' and cricket games. The four-color LCD scoring areas light up and flashes, you can see the scoreboard from throwing line easily.

Sometimes people dare to use dartboards for safety reasons as many dartboards are for sharp steel tips. But evolving of electronic dartboard solve this problem by introducing soft tip darts. Harley-Davidson offers two sets of soft tip darts with extra tips for its' electronic dartboard.

So, are you a Harley-Davidson fan? You could buy this dartboard to enrich your Harley-Davidson collection as well as enjoy best features in the dart games. Why you are waiting for, check the price below for buy today.

Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard

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Features of Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard

Regulations Size Dartboard

Regulations size dartboard is the most common and workable for professional players. Harley-Davidson offers you regulations size 15.5″ target area allows you to play competition amongst your friends.

Number of players

Those who want to entertain a group of people as host at their home, this H-D dartboard is perfect for them. It can accommodate up to 8 players at a time. It will able bring fun amongst most of the guest as no one need to sit on the sideline for a long time. Moreover, the roar of the Harley-Davidson engine will create a fun environment.

Number of games

Having more games allows you more amusement from an electronic dartboard. Harley-Davidson contains 48 different games with conventional varieties including favorite 01 and cricket. So you never run out of the ways during playing.

4 Color LCD Scoring panel

It is necessary to get a clear vision of scoreboard from the throwing line. Otherwise, you have to close to the dartboard to see the scores and back again for throwing which is distracting you focus. The Harley-Davidson 4 color LCD scoring panel give you a clear view from the distance. Also you no need calculate scores manually during play. 

Comparison with Similar Products

Product Name

Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard with dart

Harley-Davidson 61976 Genuine Dartboard

Harley-Davidson 61972 Skull Bristle Dartboard

Harley-Davidson 61978 Traditional Bristle Dartboard


Electronic Lighted Segment

Competition Quality

Premium Tournament Quality Bristle Dartboard

Premium Tournament Quality Bristle Dartboard


18 x 24 inches

18 x 18 inches

1.5 x 18 x 18 inches

1.5 x 18 x 18 inches


8.2 pounds

11 pounds

10.8 pounds

10.8 pounds

Constructed by


African Sisal fiber

African Sisal fiber

African Sisal fiber


48 Games including 01 and Cricket

No built-in Games

No built-in Games

No built-in Games


Up to 8

No such limitations

No such limitations

No such limitations


Traditional Harley Davidson Orange and Black Colors

Custom Harley Colors

Stylized Skull Design

Traditional Harley-Davidson Colors


Single and double

Staple-free allows fewer bounce-out

Staple-free allows fewer bounce-out

Staple-free allows fewer bounce-out


2 Sets of darts with spare tips

Not included

Rules and Hanging Instructions

Rules and Hanging Instructions



  • Compact diamond edged design: 18 x 24 inches, give a decent look
  • Easy portable from one point to another point as weight is not more than 7 pounds
  • Lighted segments help to light up your party place or game room
  • Auto advancement features for the next player reduce manual operation
  • Powered by AC adapter will reduce your tension for change so much batteries
  • Excellent customer reviews, 5 out of 5 stars


Finding any cons for this awesomely featured dartboard is hard. Some of the customers express that the starter darts are not best in quality. You may collect some good quality darts available from the market to get uninterrupted fun playing. Also during pull out the darts from the board turn it clockwise for extended life of tips.


Q1. Is this board suitable for play by steel darts?

No! This board is not suitable for play with steel darts; it will damage the board as well as destroy all functions of e-board. It exclusively designed for soft tips darts, and those are of four parts in soft tip darts. The tips made of plastic, the barrels made of aluminum, the shafts made of plastic and aluminum, and the flights made of plastic. Combine it will give a great landing.

Q2. Could I operate this board by batteries?

No! There is no option for use batteries in this H-D board. The board comes with a power connector. You have to plug-in the power connector on your wall.

Q3. What is the size of target area?

The size of the target area is 15.5 inches which is same as regulations boards.

Q4. Is there any selectable bullseye?

Yes! It has a selectable single and double bullseye as like regulations boards.

Q5. Has it any cyber play options?

No! It has no cyber play options.

Final Verdict

Harley-Davidson! Wow! You want to hear this ‘wow’ sounds from your friends or neighbors. Then choose the Harley-Davidson dartboard with original motor sound. Top of that the classic colors and regulations size target area with four color LCD scoring display makes it unique in the market. So, buy this electronic dartboard to honor Harley-Davidsons.

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