Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

We may think that spend time at bars, and drinking beverages are good enough to earn satisfaction. As per rules of nature we always love changes in our life. So that, the good feelings will not be good enough after some moments. People generally like to take drinks at their home party or a family get-together for happiness. A simple dart game can increase the excitement, joy, and taste of beer at bars or parties. When you think about dartboard, you can choose the Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard. As this is utterly lightweight and easy to carry. You can operate it by batteries also. So no matter your party is inside or outside your home, you can quickly set a Hathaway and get fun long time.

It has the option to play 8 people at a time with 90 various scoring options in 20 different games, so you never feel bored at the outing. The regulations size target area give feelings of tournament play. You can adjust various settings with the push-button control panel on the electronic scoreboard. The front LED scoreboard gives you clear vision from a distance. Fewer bounce-out as the holes are made by concave segment. Started playing right after open the box Hathaway provides six nice starter darts and a game manual.

Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

This dartboard comes with a decent set of features within an affordable budget. If you are a die-hard player, you can easily choose others high-quality boards by spending more, but for fun and rough playing at home, this board is worthy enough. To add fun to your party or to gift someone who loves dart you can choose it. To buy this dartboard, please check the price below.


Lightweight and Portable
Are you love to play dart games all time? But you missed it when you travel somewhere. Don’t worry! The Hathaway Magnum is very lightweight, not more than 5 lbs. and operable by battery power. So you can carry your favorite dartboard along with you wherever you go. Just need a reliable spot to hang the board, and you can start playing.

Concave Segment Holes
If the bounce rate is high, the dart game lover may lose their affection to play with that particular dartboard. Keep it in mind, Hathaway constructs the holes of Magnum Electronic Dartboard with the curved segment. Concave segment helps to reduce the bounce out during play. 

Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electrical Scoring
As like other electronic dartboards available in the market, you can see the scores on electronic LED screen. You can adjust the various options by pushing the buttons on control panel.

20 Games & 90 Options
The versatile dartboard Hathaway Magnum accommodate up to 8 players with 90 various scoring options. It has 20 built-in games with handy bounce out button.


Product Name

Hathaway Magnum

Hathaway Centerpoint

Hathaway Winchester

Hathaway Outlaw

Hathaway Winners Choice 18"


Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Free Standing Soft Tip Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Sisal Fiber Bristle Dartboard

Model No.​​​​​






Overall Dimension

20.5 x 1.1 x 22.8 inches

25.5 x 3.8 x 22 inches

19.8 x 3.8 x 19.8 inches

24 x 9.2 x 81 inches

18 x 18 x 1.5 inches


5 lbs.

22 lbs.

24.2 lbs.

78 lbs.

9.5 lbs.

Target Area






Games & Options

20 games & 90 options



29 games & 90 options


Player Options








Dual Dry Erase Scoreboard

Dual Dry Erase Scoreboard




Adapter/ 4 AA Batteries



4 AA Batteries



What is in the Box?

  • Electronic Dart Board
  • 6 pcs Soft Tip Darts
  • AC adapter
  • Game Manual


  • Good looking Magnum collection for your den or game room
  • 15.5 inches electronic dartboard lets you practice or play at your comfort zone
  • Powered by battery, no need to worry about plug-in connection
  • Package includes six soft tips darts, you can start to play immediately after unpacking
  • It is too easy to install, just hang up on any substantial wall
  • Manufacturer provides 180 days limited warranty


Level of sound is deafening.

Solution: Without sound effect, the electronic dart game will not be enjoyable. By volume control button you may adjust the sound as per your desired level. However, if it is still loud, then you may stop for few moments to give a pause or entirely.

The hanging screw did not tighten up well as the body made of thin plastic.

Solution: The Magnum dartboard designed to take away from one place to other. It needs frequent hang-up and down on wall during traveling. So the screw point fitted loose. You can install extra screws to fix it permanently with the wall.


Q1. Is there any option to play cricket in this dartboard?
Yes! There are options to play cricket in the Hathaway electronic dartboard.

Q2. Is it powered by cord or adapter? Is the adapter included in the package?
The Magnum electronic dartboard is powered by AC adapter. An A/C adapter is included in the box of the dartboard. You can connect the dartboard immediate after unpacking for start playing.

Q3. Does the scoreboard LED or LCD?
The score display is LED, you can see scores easily from a distance.

Q4. Is there any option for play computer vs. player?
No! There is no option for play or compete with computer version.

Q5. What is the appropriate weigh of darts?
If you use heavier darts, the chance of miss or bounce will be high. So, 10-12 gram soft tip darts is appropriate for play on this dartboard. However, it may very on throwing skill of personnel. 


Are you looking for an affordable electronic soft tip dartboard with decent looks? The Hathaway Magnum Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard will match exactly with your desire. It is true that this is not a substantially featured dartboard compare to other high priced available in the market. But if you think cheap, you have to consider some cases. Though it is reasonable in price, it works flawlessly, and this is the matter for you. So to get endless fun during camping at forest or hiking or to change the mode of your home party, you chose it without further thinking.

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