Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use- Design for Home or Office

Good news for today’s youth – Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use for Home and Office set is available. It’s a complete set for all beginners. One of the top basketball hoop for the door. It makes less noise, low vibration and noise free. Indoor basketball hoop comes with two kinds of cotton blended small soft basketballs that wouldn’t make a loud noise. You love to jump and shoot in circles anytime without worry about bothering your parents, neighbors. Fit inside or outside, its tiny size that’s a joy to set self. If you look to skilled up your kid, then gift the item to them. They become active indoors. Or you can take some shots during the day between meetings or classes.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer Name: Iserlohn
  • Product Name: Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use for Home and Office
  • Size: 18*12 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 0.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Average Customer Rating Review: 3.5 out of 5.0
Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use- Design for Home or Office

Package Includes:

  • 1*18" L*12" W mini polymer backboard.
  • 1*9" diameter spring action break-away steel rim.
  • 2*4.3" diameter quiet shooting mini ball.
  • 1*5.3" diameter mini rubber basketball.
  • 1*pump (The color of the shoe is random).


  1. The Silent Shooting
  2. Less bounce darning Dribbles or Beating.
  3. Install the door mounting hoops by yourself (For parents at first time)
  4. The basketball needle comes round lid at the handle of the inflator.
  5. The color of the pump is random

Features of Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop:

Easy to Install, Great Basketball Training Equipment: The Miniature basketball hoop makes it easier to set up at home or for office. Assembling frame mounts over the door is secure. They offer great value set with mini basketball hoop with 9-inch rim diameter, two pack silent plush toy balls, one mini rubber mini basketballs, and a hand pump for easy inflation.

Shatterproof Backboard, Breakaway Rim: By purchasing mini basketball hoop, you get 18'' x 12'' backboard frame which is made from shatter-proof polycarbonate. The outside structure used protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets will minimize the impact on your door. I come pro-grade feature, spring-action break-away solid steel rim with strong nylon net,  Keep your practice anytime and anywhere. Once you make the shot, the spring will instantly bounce the edge back into place.

Enjoy Fun at any time, Anywhere: Use for sports, fun or exercise anywhere: home, office, and dorm or in the bedroom. You enjoy your fun time with your friends and family with the Iserlohn unusual doorway basketball hoop. This small bedroom basketball hoop made for play, but it is very durable. This is a perfect addition to basketball enthusiast equipment collection

Money back 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: The manufacturer used top feature and material that attract the users — the mini basketball set for any reason, all weather circumstances. If you have any issue,  By returning, get 100% refund or provide a new one for free, your satisfaction is our TOP Priority.

Best Mini Basketball Hoop: If you are looking for a small basketball hoop set for your kid in house play or your office, well, you have come to the right place. By its lightweight size, you can handle the pro basketball, and wall-mount or on the door. The hoop comes with two extra silent basketballs. And it wouldn’t make a loud noise. For your kids shooting in the bedroom, it won't make the heavy sound that people from the lower level of the house can’t hear it; If you play the over door basketball hoop in the office, muted design won't disturb others.

Play at Office or Home:

  • Toddlers: For teenager and kids, loves to play at home by setting themselves
  • Adult: At Office leisure hour spending, Iserlohn is unique to get joy.

Super Quite:  In most brands hoop and rim, get noisy during making beaked with the ball. Don’t need to tense anymore, by Iserlohn’, you don’t get any noise. Jump and shoot through the net; it’s a make no noise, keep silent your atmosphere. 

Durable, portable and easy to Install Mini Basketball Hoop: Iserlohn’s offer professional goal attain hoop which set over the door. Its a basketball hoop that foam padded shatterproof with polycarbonate backboard made. While you make a basket, it spring-loaded break-away rim for serious slamming. This indoor mini hoop is lightweight, quick and easy to mount over doors or walls, take few minutes to set it up in your playroom, bedroom, basement, or at the office.

Good Sides:

  • Softball like rubber, the mini  ball can use
  • Less noisy, vibrate
  • Easy to assemble


The customer review shows the material used inside, that’s quite cheap, and that’s why they lose durability. We highly pay attention to the manufacturer to solve the issue.


Question: Can I use the mini hoop at outdoor?
Answer: Yes, This is a suitable hoop for outdoor as well as the in-ground system.

Question: What is the width of the hook? Is it possible to hang on the door?
Answer: Yes it will. The hooks are almost inches wide.

Question: Are the door hooks plastic or metal made?
Answer: it seems metal but could be sturdy plastic. It firm though and will hold.

Question: What is the size of regular size basketball and backboard?
Answer: the hoop is probably 3-4 inch and backboard is about 18'' x 12''.

Question: Why screws smaller than mounting holes?
Answer: I was able to figure out how the screws were supposed to work with the brackets. The instructions could be a lot more descriptive.

In summary, Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use for Home and Office set correctly develops your basketball skill. It’s a set where you found outstanding quality, quality proof material and fitted for longer times. By ordering, you get package components. Make sure before receive. By reading feature and review, it makes it more straightforward to compare with rest brands tool. I am quite sure that, you like it. I give five stars out of 5.0, make your decision by using – good luck.

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