Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop

Youth generation loves to lead their entertainment in participating in different games and sports. In the games corner, where basketball is one of the biggest tournament that recognized from NBA, Olympic, and FIBA. What kind of basketball system used in the events? In-ground basketball hoop – they are mostly used in the circumstances where all ages and height players can find the basket. You are interested in basketball, that’s why you are here, we present our analyzed best in-ground basketball hoop for your development. We suggest you pick Katop Silver In-Ground Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop – which no 1 for kids as well as youth.  5-10 ft. Height adjustability feature brings that ideal for make basket in court. Besides you get four featured items –

  • 54 Inches Silver72 inches Diamond
  • 72 Inches Platinum
  • 60 Inches Gold
  • 54 Inches Silver

From my usage experience, I refer to use 54 inches Silver basketball hoop that’s perfect for kids and teenager. It’s an excellent tool for family fun. Includes a convenient anchor bolt-mounting system that makes it easy to level or relocate the basketball goal. The overhang provides plenty of area for post-play. The all-steel actuator allows for precise and straightforward goal adjustments, from 5 to 10 feet. If you want to have your basketball court, with a gym-quality basketball goal, here is what you've been looking for. Turn your driveway into a family fun basketball court with the Katop Silver basketball hoop today.

Product Description:

The Katop in-ground brings height-adjustable silver basketball hoop that’s popular among driveway basketball system in current market hoops. It has a high-performance 54-inch tempered glass backboard and a powerful lift-assist mechanism, allowing the youngest competitors to lower the system down to a low 5 feet quickly. It's 7-gauge 5" x 5" one-piece pole is thicker and far stronger than competitors’ thinner 2-piece post design.

  • Brand Name: laptop
  • Basketball Hoops and Goals Name: Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop - Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop
  • Item Weight: 532 Pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 54 Inches
  • Backboard Size: 54”*36.”
  • Pole Size: 5*5.”
  • Pole in Industry: 7 Gauge
  • Hanging safety Distance: 3 Ft
  • Average Customer Rating Review: 5.0 out of 5.0
Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop

Goal Specifications: 

  • Glass: 1/2” thick.
  • Pole Size: 5” x 5”.
  • Rim Height Adjustability: 5’ to 10’.
  • Backboard Dimensions: 54”W x 36”H.
  • Rim: Heavy-duty, pro-style flex rim.
  • Coating: DUPONT powder coating.
  • Shipping (gross) Weight: 532 lbs.
  • Full Goal Height: 148” (top of the backboard at 10’ rim height).
  • Overhang underneath Goal: 3’

Manufacturer Review:

  • Best-selling driveway basketball goal hoop, with a high-performance 54-inch glass backboard (36" x 54", full ½’’ thick).
  • In-ground anchor system cured in concrete, with the option to unbolt and move goal: covers all basketball plays, including dunking and hanging; infinitely adjustable between 5 and 10 feet with the simple turn of a handle.
  • Off-Set 5" square one-piece steel pole with 7-gauge wall thickness, minimizing shake and reducing the risk of deterioration on joints of the system while providing a 3’ extension from pole to front of the backboard.
  • Free Post Pad & Backboard Pad – Keep your players safe with post padding and preinstalled backboard padding included.
  • Anti-rust process
  • Including stainless steel hardware, the entire system hot-dipped galvanization, and extensive corrosion.

Features of Katop Silver Basketball Goal Hoop:

In Ground Hoops: You can choose katop hoop for its high compatibility. Suitable size for kids, teenager, a young generation so they can join the parts together and set in court. After the game, they can move to home or garage.

10X Stronger: Your investment give you a high level of guarantee! Katop brings 10x stronger hoop ever in the market. Stainless steel built with powder coating finish DuPont – that’s offer weather resistance as well as protection from outside rust and dust. By ordering, you get it for longer times service tool for your basket glory.

Tempered Glass Backboard: Black color designed backboard perfectly shaped with glass protector which keep your system durable, 54*36 inches size that’s the ideal size you get in the silver model. katop offer in-ground hoops – so they provide tempered glass in the backboard, so you get hot and cold weather resistance.

Dual Spring Basketball: good news for you-you get double spring that’s make smoother your basket. While you jump in court and through on net, the rim and hoop get little vibrate by spring. It uses to keep the system flex when you make the basket.

The strength of Concrete Anchor: Concrete anchor developed basket offers an extra level of power in your game. Anchor that made in concrete so that it holds tight in the ground and keep the system fit for players joy.

Unbolt System: Kids, teenager – anyone can unbolt the system self. Follow the instruction module and join the parts. Lead joy in every role of basketball!

Height Adjustability: Katop offers 5 to 10 ft. Height adjustability feature that’s good for kids to adult service. Run all around the ground and jump to make the goal. Another good news for you that you can adjust overhang safety as 3ft. So it's kept safe your child during the jump. You get the feature at backboard and pole part.

Powder Coating: The rim, pole constructed by powder coating which helps to support weather as well as keep system for height, overhang adjustability feature work.

Good Sides:

  • No.1 product for kid’s basket orientation.
  • Get free post pad and backboard pad.
  • Good material used that keep it strong years after years.
  • Powder coating metal guaranteed for high durability and keep dust, rust away.
  • Unbolt system significant DIY shift one place to another.


  • Mounting kit needs to order separate.


Question: Is the rim break away?

Answer: Yes, think so. The designed and warranted for dunking and hanging

Question: Does this product come with the rebar and anchoring system included?               

Answer: Yes, rebar and anchor system included.

Question: Does this come with the mounting kit?

Answer: Yes, if you order and request the pieces for concrete to set on the ground. In my case, the parts come everything. No additional pieces were needed to complete the goal's assembly.

Question: Does this come with the base for installation kit?

Answer: It comes with the base and everything you need to install it. All you need is a few tools and concrete

Question: What is the distance bolt to center bolt?

Answer: The bolts are spaced 6 inches apart from each other in a square

Question: Can this dunk?

Answer: I would not recommend hanging on the rim. You can dunk on the goal. However, hanging will void the warranty.

In verdict to say, I highly recommend you to buy Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop - Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop. Its no.1 in the market for kids, outstanding outlooks that attract your kids. More than in katop, you get the best quality made everything – that briefly discussed in the review. For your kids or teenager series basketball career, don’t forget to order, Katop guaranteed and satisfied you in every part. Good luck.

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