Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

Games keep our body and health fit. Basketball is one of the events of the favorite game that plays a significant role in the young generation. If you want to reach your promotable youth basketball level, then bring lifetime youth basketball hoop. 32" Youth Impact backboard with 15-Inch folding rim constructed of 0.5-Inch steel and an all-weather nylon net. The net is specially designed for all-weather concern so that its support indoor to outdoor. Lifetime offer stands with a hoop that can adjust 5.5 to 7.5 ft. Most of the young today’s generation has an average of 6 ft. So that perfect for making a basketball. Overall weight is smaller and portable for the younger case, even fill with water and sand in the pole part.

The question is why you buy a Lifetime 90022 model. According to our analysis, Lifetime present top features for your goal attain. The basketball hoop is the best in-ground basketball hoop in the current market trend, which ideal to suit outdoor as well as poolside basketball hoop set and find enjoyment. It has a step 2 basketball hoop system that takes a short time to assemble for the first time. After the play, you can put it at outdoor or indoor, don’t need to make any tension about its durability. 2 featured high-density material used for lifetime service – that’s why Lifetime basketball hoop is our first recommendation.

Lifetime Youth Basketball_Hoop

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Lifetime
  • Basketball Name: Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop
  • Item model number: 90022
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 120

Features of Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop:

Fade Resistant Graphics: Lifetime offer best material for your game development. The graphics system enable your product to keep safe in rust weather. Assemble in a short time and stay at outdoor for everyday service. Under the sun or cloudy atmosphere, focus on basketball, not need to pay attention to the basketball hoop.

All Weather Resistant: Rainy or snowing season, enjoy your basketball. Lifetime youth hoop is such a product which increases your game rhythm. Set for indoor or outdoor and keep for everyday basketball. By manufacturer review, you get five years warranty by its Backboard Surface - High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). That’s a profitable investment for your lifetime game.


  • Powder Coated Steel
  • High Dense Polyethylene:

In Lifetime youth hoop, you get the best articles which unique in market basketball. The pole stand built in powder coated steel that keeps durable after refill water and sand. Beside outside frame designed high dense polyethylene – which protect your basketball stand, hoop, and body from outside rust water

Telescoping Adjustment Pole:  If you are looking for a gift item for younger ones, then 90022 model is perfect. Telescoping adjustment pole has 5 to 7.5 ft — adjustment feature which easies to adjust. For a teenager, you can set 5 to 5.5 ft. And taller can adjust 5.5 t 6.5 ft. up to their height.

In most cases, to make basketball, the hoop needs to set a little higher from general person height. So Lifetime pole system is ideal in my eyes. In pole part, you can refill water or sand for holding tight on the ground.

Netball Base: The hoop used the quality net that helpful for goals after goal making. Beside it durable in rainy to all weather season. The base has 31.6-inch x 23-inch x 6.1 inches. The dimension can set in the hoop in concern of younger basketball development. After running all the ground, they can find their goal.

Youth Rim: Lifetime develops the basketball hoop for youth generation concern which stable and durable. High-quality rim used for long time play. After use, the side can be folded up and take small space to store.

Impact Backboard: Most of the users miss out backboard feature. We recommend paying extra attention before selection your best basketball hoop. In the Lifetime youth 90022 model, you don’t need to search out backboard feature, the manufacturer offer described tool. You get Backboard Surface - High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with its 32” size which overall all generation can enjoy the game.

Key Features Looks at Glance:

  • 32" Youth Impact backboard with 15-Inch folding rim constructed of 0.5-Inch steel and an all-weather nylon net
  • Telescoping height adjustment mechanism easily adjusts from 5.5' to 7.5' in 6" increments
  • Base dimensions: 31.6 inch x 23 inch x 6.1 inch. Rust and weather-resistant; Designed to withstand the harshest elements
  • 10 Gallon base provides stability and portability; can be filled with water or sand. The Poles must be seated together, Even if the Poles cover the slots before seating, they must be struck on a hard surface five to six times
  • Backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. Backboard Surface - High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Good Sides: 

  • Top material constructed basketball hoop for younger attraction
  • Five years warranty is a big backup for a newcomer
  • Price is reasonable


Overall good quality made but not sturdy.


Question: What size basketball can fit in this hoop?         

Answer: A regulation ball will fit. My four year old uses a junior size, and I toss around a regulation size when I am out with him.

Question: What is the height of the backboard?    

Answer: The height is adjustable in 6-inch increments, adjustment range 5.5 ft. - 7.5 ft.

Question: Can you dunk on the hoop?

Answer: It depends on the height of the dunker. We filled the base with water, and it’s sturdy enough for a kid to dunk

Question: What is the actual diameter of the pole?

Answer: I just measured it, and the base is about 2 1/4 inches while the telescoping part is 2 inches.

Question: Can a regular size basketball it through this hoop?

Answer: The 15-inch Youth Rim features a 5/8-inch solid-steel ring supported by 1/2-inch braces and an all-weather nylon net. You can use a regulation ball, but we would recommend a Youth sized ball for younger children.

In the verdict, Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop is my recommendation, especially for younger, teenager and adults. The product is one of the best among market basketball. You get everything for your basketball game orientation and develop your step for a big event like NBA. Good Luck.

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