LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Looking for your kid’s basketball game development? Then bring LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set. Its perfect basketball hoop for kids above two years older. Toddlers approved mini basketball hoop for adjustable door feature bring joy in your kids. That’s why the set easy to assemble and set in short spaces. By manufacturer feature, it’s a great basketball hoop for toddlers – not heavy constructed and the fine quality plastic case made for kids service. Red rims with white net and support wall, include blue stand – it’s an outstanding basketball set that attracts your eyes. We find some features, present in below for your buying tips:

LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Product Description: 

The Little Tikes easy score basketball set, designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2.5 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop Star. The oversize rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. Before the play, add sand to the base for stability.

Product Information:

  • Brand Name: Little Tikes
  • Basketball Name: LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set       
  • Product Dimensions: 23.8 x 22 x 61 inches
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Item Model Number: XCC642340
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 18 months - 5 years
  • Best Sellers Rank: At 9th in Toys and Games
  • Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5.0
  • Made in: China
  • Imported From: USA
  • Price Range: Under 50

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Indoor and outdoor basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet
  • Includes an oversized rim and 3 Junior size basketballs
  • Develops social, motor skills and coordination
  • The base can be weighted with sand (not included) for stability
  • Age 1 1/2 to 5 years

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set: TotSports Easy Score kid’s basketball hoop set makes sports easy and rewarding for growing toddlers. The toddlers approved it by testifying the set and material construction. By body side, its made with a plastic case that helpful high two years older game joy.

TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set Features:

  • This adjustable kid’s basketball hoop encourages active play.
  • The oversize rim and a kid-sized basketball ensure that baskets are easier to make
  • Encourages more active play
  • Helps preschoolers and toddlers to play independently while working on balance and coordination.

Good Sides:

  • Easy to assemble with ten minutes
  • Set indoor or outdoor for practice
  • Best living room basketball set
  • Toddler approved basketball set
  • Kids-teenager-adult loves the product.
  • It's not worthy


  • The hoops steel constructed but not stay longer times. The customer finds some issues in materials. Though in short budget and basketball orientation – its great items for kids journey.
  • The basketball designed and picture description not matched.


Question: Does it hold up is it left outside?

Answer: Yes, the plastic will color fade after a couple of years, and the net will not last as long, but your indoor breakables will last longer. That's a good trade-off unless you need it indoors when your favorite team plays.

Question: Did anyone find any issue with the net? Is it looks so smaller in the picture? Its so narrow that impossible to get through holes – give me a suggestion.
Answer: WE have no problem with the basketballs going into the net. Turn the net upside down, and it should work — larger loops at the top.

Question: Where are these manufacturer? Where do I order it?
Answer: It manufacturer in China and shipped from the USA.

Question: Does the base have any spot for the ball to sit after playing?

Answer: No, it does not.

Question: Does it come with an air pump?
Answer: No but you don't need one. Balls already inflated.

Question: Does it comes with a net?
Answer: Yes.

In summary to say, LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set brings joy for kid’s basketball game development. Its looks toy set as well as game orientation set for two years kids. By low range price, Little Tikes is best. Order today and surprised your kid.

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