Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Young generation involve in different sports events. Basketball is such a game where the young age loves to fit their health and mind. In the 21st century, most of the European and USA adult get basketball as professional parts. In this concern, we present top featured basketball hoop for your dream made, Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop – is present best outdoor basketball hoop for the young generation. We prefer it because you get at movable lightweight, impact backboard at 28” size for an adult game, a telescoping pole with sand and water fill feature and many more. The hoop net used weather resistant nylon made which highly durable and supported to hold your basketball rhythm. To get satisfaction, you get three months guarantee in a short budget. To get details information, follow our feature and review


Product Description:

The Youth Basketball System from Movement God Products features a 28" Impact backboard. The telescoping pole easily adjusts from 5.4 to 7 feet. The base can be filled with sand or water to keep it upright and stable. It’s the perfect start for your little athlete because it is sturdy but lightweight to move with the attached wheels.


  • Rim Dia: 17”
  • Backboard Size: 28" x 18"
  • Base Dimensions: 30"L x 22"W x 5"H
  • Steel Tube Diameter: 2"
  • Material: Steel tube, PE backboard, PE base, Steel Rim
  • Net material: weather resistance nylon
  • Base Padding: the base can be filled with 55 lbs. Water or 66 lbs. sand


90 days warranty. Human factors cannot be guaranteed.

100% satisfaction guarantee. Hurry up, and get one of the limited basketball hoops for your kids now.

Brand: Movement God

Product Name: Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Color: Black and Red

Weight: 21 pounds

Average Customer Review: 3.2 out of 5.0

Features of Portable Basketball Hoop:

In Basketball market, we analysis on several products and find out a tremendous featured Youth Portable basketball hoop for your basketball glory. By analysis, we find some unique features in Movement God hoop. The present element:

  • Bottom of Form: The bottom part has a pole which can fill water or sand. The base can be loaded with 55 lbs. Water or 66 pounds. Sand. Its support stands and helps to make your dream basketball.
  • 28" Youth Impact Backboard: The youth can fold the backboard rim for their smart transport. It has 17” folding rim constructed of 0.5” steel and an all-weather nylon net. Its work great in sunshine, rain or foggy weather.
  • Telescoping Height Adjustment Mechanism: You can easily adjust from 5.6' to 7' fit. It’s a size for all youth generation concern so that they can enjoy basketball.
  • Rust and Weather-Resistant: It designed to withstand the harshest elements. The material here used that keep hoop safe from dust, rust forms.
  • Material: Steel tube, PE backboard, PE base, Steel rim – 4 heavy duty materials constructed by Movement God. Mounting on the wall, door or outdoor is helpful. The element has built that support all weather and long lasting feature. That’s why we recommend buying a basketball hoop.
  • Backed By a 90 Days Limited Manufacturer Warrant: The movement God introduce dunk-type hoop which offers three months guarantee. For beginners, it’s a great offer.

Good Sides:

  • Step 2 Basketball Hoop
  • Best in-ground basketball hoop in this century
  • All-rounder basketball hoop for all generation.
  • A small range of investment tool


  • The hoop and backboard is very cheap quality made
  • It doesn’t fit under eight years


Question: What height does it adjust? Can I look for something for five years kids older use now?

Answer: It can adjust from 5.6 ft to 7 ft. And it's suitable for the age of 3 to 10 years old. Besides, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. So, it's the right basketball hoop for you.

Question: Can a regular size basketball be used?

Answer: Yes. I did get a smaller ball because my grandsons are 9 and 10. They brought a full-size basketball with them, and it worked just fine. The hoop has been a big hit. We used a bag of dirt to weight it down, and it was just right.

Question: How small is it when folded up?

Answer: I’ve never folded it up. But the net is cheap. It fell apart for the first two months.

Question: Is it sturdy enough that my ten years older can dunk on it?  

Answer: No, it is not dunked able.

Question: Can this fit inside the house?

Answer: Not really. Maybe a finished basement

Question: Is the standard rim size?         

Answer: Yes.

In summary, by reading Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop review. A lightweight, portable basketball hoop is so attractive that develop a beginners basketball easier. It sturdy, heavy material build that lasting for a long time. More than, buyers get three months warranty, so don’t miss Movement God hoop – order now.

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