SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop with Foam Ball

In the present century, NBA, Olympic and FIBA stand for basketball sporting parts where many teenagers apart in these events. From kids level, the users set their goal by keeping practice with proper basketball set. How you identify your best basketball for your target? You have to look on basketball sets – rim quality and material part, hoops that’s how to build, seems on the pole and withstand, where it can set and many more. It’s a basic concept that all professional looks before purchase their fit set. In this review, we discuss your dream mini hoop set that presents by SKLZ. The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro Basketball Hoop Foam Ball lets your practice free throws all year long. Just hang the shatterproof polycarbonate backboard over any standard width door so you can make the perfect shot with ease. With pro-style graphics, a sturdy metal break-away rim, 3-ply loop nylon net, and 4” mini foam basketball, you can play game after game where the only damage will be to your opponent’s ego. For your quick handling, let's take a short tour about SKLZ hoop review:

Product Description:          

You get interested to know that. It can set up your Pro Mini Hoop Micro in your bedroom, basement, playroom, or at the office. Simply hook the hoop over your door for quick and easy setup and unlimited fun. The foam-padded brackets will keep your door protected from dents and scrapes so that you can focus on your game. Keep kids active indoors, or take a few shots during the day between meetings or classes. The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro basketball hoop with a break-away rim allows for layups, bank shots, and more. With a 15” x 10” backboard, door hooks, an 8” metal rim, and a 4” foam basketball, you’ll have access to ultimate entertainment.

  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 15 x 3.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.04 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Item model number: 2732
  • Backboard Size: 15" x 10”      
  • Ball Type: 4" Foam
  • Key Specification: Get them started early! The smaller Mini Hoop Micro with foam ball is perfect for your little all-star.
  • Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5.0
SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop

Features of SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop with Foam Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro: Its game on any time with the quick assembly, easy mounting Pro Mini Hoop Micro. With a break-away rim, clear shatter resistant backboard, and foam mini-ball, the only damage will be to your opponent’s ego.

Ball Anytime, Nearly Anywhere: With the quick assembly and secure mounting of the Pro Mini Hoop Micro, you can ball any time the impulse strikes you. Practice your shot or challenge friends – depends on how much game you have.

Only you’re Opponent’s Spirit Will Be Broken.: With a spring-action break-away steel rim, 4" foam mini-ball, and a foam-padded backing to keep the door protected, the only damage will be your opponent’s ego when you posturize them.

Game On. Just Like The Real Thing: The Pro Mini Hoop Micro isn’t just similar to real hoops, it’s got the same soul. Listen carefully and you can hear the heavy-duty net swish when you hit nothing but the bottom of the net. And its pro-style replica graphics give it the look of a winner.

INDOOR PLAY:  The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro is perfect over the door basketball hoop. Shoot safely from your office desk, living room, or bedroom for quick and easy fun. The high-quality hoop and metal rim ensure solid shots, rain or shine.

SHATTERPROOF BACKBOARD: The 15” x 10” backboard made of clear shatterproof polycarbonate for years of fun. This hoop has padded brackets on the backboard to minimize the impact on doors, so the only damage you do will be to your opponent’s ego.

BREAKAWAY RIM: With an 8” diameter spring action break-away rim, you can practice your technique day or night. The spring will bounce back into place once you make the shot. Practice your game or challenge friends with the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro.

PLAY IN MINUTES: With easy installation, you’ll be shooting hoops in no time. The break-away basketball rim and 4” foam mini ball, which arrives deflated, will give you game-like action. The heavy-duty 3-ply loop net will last game after game.

UNLIMITED FUN: The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro will guarantee hours of fun for all. SKLZ dedicated to bringing you the ultimate mini basketball set with a compact pro-grade backboard, break-away steel rim and foam ball, giving you the game you want

Good Sides:

  • Steel plate help backboard allow breaking the rim smoothly.
  • Lightweight 3.2 pounds easier to move.
  • The backboard and hoop are solidly built
  • The circles built nice and quiet more massive that support trampoline
  • Great present for the kids to play on a cold or rainy day
  • Great looks and heavy quality made hoop lasting for years
  • Outstanding circle for bedroom kids practice.


  • After mounting on the door, you can't close the door.
  • It doesn’t fit trampoline.
  • The instruction manual is not more accessible for DIY assembling, need to monitor and give an update instruction feature for users.


Question: Cam it mounts directly to the wall instead of the door? Can it support the top part of office door?
Answer: It says it comes ready to go over the door, you have to take that amount off and then attach it to the wall.

Question: Does it come with the ball?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the rim come attached when shipped?
Answer: No but very minimal assembly. It is straightforward to attach using the four bolts included in the package.

Question: What is the rim diameter?
Answer: 8" diameter spring-action break-away steel rim.

Question: Is the metal easy to drill?
Answer: measure twice and drill it like anything else you would dig.

 In summary, SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop with Foam Ball is highly recommended for kids and youth. It’s a no one indoor basketball hoop which has a wall mount basketball hoop in today's trend. Easy to fit at bedroom, office anywhere and keep practice. Price comes in investment range – so you can order without any tense. Make glory with SKLZ mini hoops and build your profession at a higher level.
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