Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

Welcome to our page, we offer the popular ground basketball for your career development. According to NBA featured ground basketball analysis, I recommend using Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System. The feature works as per described. The hoop set little heavy. Otherwise, it works fine. By buying NBA In-Ground Basketball, you get two feature – 54” and 60” aluminum trim glass backboard. By elements, you get great square steel pole where you get higher stability. By my experience, its excellent service my practice session and hope it does same for your case – Thanks! For more information about the basketball system – read the full review for your guideline.  

Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Spalding
  • Product Name: Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System   
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 54 x 11 inches ; 145 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 163 pounds
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

Key Features: 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard

  1. Steel Framed Glass Backboard:  You get 54” x 32” steel backboard hoop with aluminum trim. Beside its 1/4" thick tempered glass backboard for superior rebound. By this, it fixed with hoop and great support your game.
  2. U-Turn Lift System:  In Spalding basketball hoop, get infinite height adjustment from 7.5' to 10'. So you can set on indoor parts as well as ground game and score with a hunk
  3. Two Piece, 4” Square Steel Pole:  Want to get maximum stability during your game scoring? It allows for maximum security. Ground sleeve anchor system allows for easy installation. Lightweight and fixed on the hoop to feel your game without fear.
  4. Backboard Glass System: The Backboard system has 2' offset from the pole and 54 inches glass basketball system which has a 4 inches square steel Pole Pro image breakaway rim. By the edge, it heavy material constructed and system allows you to get high durability.
  5. Pro-Image Breakaway Rim:  Which level of gamer you want to reach? For the recreational level of performance, the rim correctly set indoor and joy your time. For professional level glory, install the ground wall, and you need to works little harder – run and find your score. Both ways if success, you can become an NBA player sooner!

Good Sides: 

  • The basketball hoop works excellent. Myself it works so far so good. Many people said putting the two pieces together was a little challenging. I used to line up and then put them on a floor jack and put a 2x4 on the bottom and top, and I just put comfortable pressure on it, and they slid together
  • The hoop works not only great, but it also comes under a cheap price rate. I am ordering the circle for my cousin and they complete order quick. It’s a promising service I ever saw.


  • The backboards can’t understand how it needs to continue with shatter
  • The pole if add extra 4-6 inches would help, but ten inches should be good.


Question: If it tosses the sleeve, given all the concern it may cause, how deep pole go on concrete

Answer: I would go just a couple of inches deeper than the jacket is long. Any thicker and you run the risk of not having the rim go all the way to 10 feet high. Putting it in the sleeve gives the whole thing more play when you're shooting which is not a good thing.

Question: Any tricks for getting the pole back out of the sleeve?

Answer: If trying to go in, you could drive it down with a sledgehammer and a 2x4. If coming out, you will need multiple people pulling so you can get the proper leverage along with force needed to remove it.

Question: Can the included U-turn bracket mount to a wall instead of the included pole?

Answer: The pole is one of the best features of this system, it is a very sturdy square pole. If you want to mount the basket to a wall, there are separate kits you can buy, and you would want to buy something without a pole to save the expense and the hassle of handling an extra bit.

Question: Can you install this on a backboard with the included pole?

Answer: I do know the backboard is cumbersome. I would suggest that you measure the width of the brackets and make sure that everything lines up

Question: How far below ground level should the bottom half of the pole?

Answer: Don’t use the plastic sleeve. Set the pole in concrete. Be sure and assemble the pole first. Sliding together is hard. To get correct depth to use the metal brackets that are supposed to clamp the pole in the plastic sleeve

In summary, to say, I like Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System. By the review, in a small word to say, a basketball hoop where you get everything in a tool. U-turn lift system height adjustment offer all ages to play freely at indoor or outdoor. Order now and build your NBA class.

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