Viper Ion Illuminated Electronic Soft-Tip Dartboard

Today the electronic dartboard is a favorite game worldwide. Over 6 million people are playing darts nowadays. Tackle with time, it is becoming more and more popular beside inventions of new and new features. It's not just limited to the bar only, at this times you may found it in many homes too. Evolving of modern technology, everything has become electronic. By the blessing of electronics you can add color to your game room, party place or friend congregates. The Viper Ion Illuminated Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard will enrich your experience by add lots of fun with its fantastic lighting effects.

This innovative dartboard features illuminated LED lights provided a fresh and invigorated darting experience with brand new games while enhancing classic favorites. It has 48 games and 315 variations for tons of ways to play including 17 light based games. It has featured many new games, which are designed based on motion and strategy.

The body of this dartboard constructed with target tested tough segment lasts against harder throws after throws. The regulation size target area made of translucent tested tough nylon provides durability against rough & tough use. The multiplayer options allow to play up to 8 players at a time.

The box packed with 6 pcs standard starter darts, some extra tips, game instruction manual, mounting hardware with instruction and power adapter. You may start playing immediately after open the box.

Are you want to light up your party? Viper Ion will be the best options for you. To buy one today, please check the price on Amazon.

Viper Ion Illuminated Electronic Soft-Tip

Features of Viper Ion Illuminated Electronic Soft-Tip Dartboard

Integrated Light Games

The Viper Ion has built-in 48 games and 315 variations including favorite games like 301 - 901, 301 – 901 leagues, 12 different cricket games including a single and double option, Count up, Round the Clock, Shanghai with some new games like Helicopter, Survivor, Speed Wheel. Among these, it has 17 exclusive light based games with an optional moving target.

Motion Based Games

It has new helicopter sipping games. During this games, four lights rotate clockwise automatically. If the player hit, the moving segment light will turn off. The player has to catch the last lighted point to win the game.

Strategy Based Games

This dartboard designed with a hidden light-up cricket game. Segments will be randomly light up and stay lit when hit with a dart. The first player should hit each number 3 times and open them all if done this successfully then he/she will be the winner.

Multiplayer and Cyber Player Mode

This electronic dartboard can accommodate up to 8 players for multiplayer games; no one has to wait in a long queue. Also cyber play option you can play with your competitor who not exists in the same place.


The dartboard constructed by durable thermoplastic and target tested tough segment. You can play rough and tough dart games night after night without any breakup.

Regulations Size Target Face

The regulations size target face (15.5″) constructed from luminous target tested nylon gives you clear vision during landing.

Comparison with Similar Products

Product Name

Viper Ion

Viper 800

Viper X-Treme

Viper Solar Blast

Viper Eclipse II


Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard








22 x 20 x 1.2 inches

20.1 x 1.5 x 24.8 inches

30 x 24 x 8 inches

22.6 x 2.4 x 29.8 inches

28 x 23 x 5 inches


4 pounds

5.8 pounds

16 pounds

12.25 pounds

12.2 pounds


8 Person Cricket LCD Display

LCD Front & Side Displays

4 Person Cricket LCD Display

4 Person Cricket LCD Display

2 Person Cricket LCD Display

Game & Options

48 Games & 315 Options

57 Games & 307 Options

56 Games & 266 Options

43 Games & 187 Options

48 Games & 585 Options

Player Accommodations






Player vs. Computer

5 difficulty levels

5 difficulty levels

5 difficulty levels

3 difficulty levels

5 difficulty levels





Dart Organizer

6 pcs darts with extra tip storage

6 pcs darts with extra tip storage

6 pcs darts with extra tip storage

12 pcs darts with extra tip storage

12 pcs darts with extra tip storage

Body Materials

Durable Thermoplastic

Durable Thermoplastic

Durable Thermoplastic

Durable Thermoplastic

Durable Thermoplastic

Power Supply

3 AA batteries or Power Adapter

Power Adapter (Included)

Power Adapter (Included)

Power Adapter (Included)

Power Adapter (Included)


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  • A new twist on a traditional electronic dartboard
  • Powered by both batteries (3 AA) and AC adapter
  • Easy controllable game play interface
  • Storage facilities for six darts and extra tips will prevent lost
  • For a quick setting game, there is a list on the front right corner of the dartboard
  • Large bright LCD shows the score for eight players
  • Gorgeous green and the blue color combination makes this board outstanding
  • Voice announcement system create an interactive environment during play 
  • Auto-scoring options free you from manual score keeping


The starter tips are below standard
The extra tips come along with the board are broken quickly during play

Solution: This is very unfortunate for GLD products. It is adviced that during pull out the dart, turn the dart clockwise. However, to get better performance, you may use Target Pixel Tip 2BA or Viper Tufflex II @BA tips.

Darts are hard to remove from the board
Eliminating the darts from the board in new condition is difficult.

Solution: Before start playing first mounting the board well on the wall, use at least 2 screws so that during the pull of dart it stay fix. To pull the darts from board round it in the right direction (clockwise) for easy removal. You may spray little silicon lubricant on the tips before each throwing in new conditions for a couple of days to get better performance. 


Q1. How to remove broken dart tips stuck in the holes?

To pull out the broken dart tips you may use a dart removal tools, or pliers buy from the market or Amazon.

Q2. Is there any heckler options?

No! There is no heckler system in this Viper Ion dartboard, but prompt voice system will announce different gaming instructions during play, like next player, bust, winner, etc.

Q3. What is the weight of the dartboard?

The weight of the dartboard is 4 pounds only. So you can move it quickly from one point to another. Also to power it, you can use batteries instead of plug-in system, which facilitated you to play outside sometimes.

Q4. What should we do in case of scoreboard malfunctions?

Read the instruction manual carefully in-case of malfunction in the electronic scoreboard. According to the instruction manuals press the ‘frozen’ button will help you to fix the scoreboard problems. 

Final Verdict

Recent times most of the enthusiastic man choose electronic dartboard to enhance their experience of dart game and explore new ways. In this way, they decide advance technology soft tip dartboard for their home or bar or pubs. The other reason to choose the electronic dartboard is, it is safer than the steel tip darts. The Viper Ion Illuminated Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is the best electronic dart board concerning above aspects. So, you may select this dart game without thinking twice to light up your home or party or friends gathering.

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